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Solar Photovoltaic Electricity, “still Holds The Pipa” Sorts? – Solar Energy – Solar

As the photovoltaic industry similar to the “blowout” effect of the emergence of China’s PV industry waves of the “Forum” and “Seminar”, “Promotion” indeed dazzling, and were first getting louder and louder? ? January 20, titled “The First New Energy International Summit “held a meeting very lively one example, the March 21,” 2010 China’s low-carbon economy and sustainable development of photovoltaic industry forum “was held again in Jintan, Jiangsu, in mid-April, the second Asian-ray V summit will also debut. In the past year, a similar scene played almost every month a grand manner, and packed.

At the meeting, photovoltaic company executives repeated a story: When the traditional sources of energy are depleted, only new energy to save mankind, and this is the only industry with the rest of the world. The natural end result of the meeting is: “How to support solar energy policy,” one of its core: The State shall as soon as possible feed-in tariff policy.

This desire in the “two sessions” during the formation of a “small climax.” In this year’s “two sessions” period, PV industry, “New” members of the CPPCC Standing Committee member Liu Hanyuan, said in an interview, the photovoltaic industry is the core of development is to solve the bottleneck issue of the purchase price and sale price no, the domestic enterprises to rely on exports of polysilicon, overcapacity, low profit industry has become inevitable. He returned to establish feed-in tariff has made out a “prescription.” Another number of other representatives, members also talked about the introduction of feed-in tariff policy for the start the importance of PV power generation market.

And the photovoltaic industry professionals eager to contrast that, in the beginning, led by the National Energy Board approved the second of several photovoltaic power station began to carry out preparatory work for tendering. At this time, the officials said: the way through the bidding will continue the development of photovoltaic years before they put PV benchmark electricity price policy. In other words, the introduction of a unified national benchmark price and the issue of a proposed power plant to continue bidding trade-off, the decision-making ultimately chose the more conservative the latter.

Decision-making is undoubtedly the ultimate choice “fever” of the photovoltaic business has poured cold water poured.

Rational analysis, decision-making level of care, there are reasons for. From the enterprise level, the Gansu Dunhuang in the last 10 MW solar power plant bidding occurs 0.69 yuan / kWh “floor price”, the photovoltaic business has virtually divided into two schools: one hoping for a low price decision-makers aware of the value of PV, but also set the threshold to enter later; party that received more government subsidies can help the industry. To crystalline silicon-based PV companies advice on feed-in tariff is not uniform.

If you add problems to the amorphous silicon technology level, some with thin film technology based enterprises, has hinted to the media, thin film technology and is currently a large number of applications than crystalline technology, low cost and high conversion, with than crystalline silicon, thin film battery technology is more market prospects, but also to avoid the risk of overcapacity. Film technology has also increased competition introduced objectively the complexity of photovoltaic electricity.

Chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society Advanced view, the current level of photovoltaic enterprises uneven, with one or two companies tendering do not have the significance of the sample. “To promote the development of the industry, should be based on the actual situation of the current photovoltaic industry figure out a reasonable average cost.” But too difficult to operate. If the price standard is too low, the high threshold will prevent a large number of aspiring to enter, and promote healthy and steady development of new energy and purpose of reach. Once the price is too high, a large photovoltaic power generation will kick off the competition. Lesson far?? 2004, Spain launched a high electricity price subsidies, copying the German model of the development of solar, in a short time over-building, so that in 2008 over Germany as the world’s largest solar energy market, but also result in a variety of industry issues.

In early 2009, the Spanish government has stepped on the “brakes”, significantly reducing photovoltaic market force, leading to huge industry shocks, such shocks also affected the export-oriented Chinese PV companies.

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