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Solar Panels- The Scientific Wisdom of Solar energy

Solar panels are used to produce electricity though solar energy, just like solar cookers use the heat of the Sun to cook food. Solar technology is not a new phenomenon. In old days magnifying glass was used to produce fire. However eighteenth and early nineteenth century was a turning point in the history of Science. This was the period which had a significant effect on the developments in the scientific world. When man realized that their present sources of energy will exhaust one day and nothing will be left for future generations, solar energy was harnessed in various forms. Victor Hugo has rightly said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Limitations of non-renewable sources of energy like coal, oil and other fossil fuels lead to the harnessing of solar energy for several purposes.

If we look at other ways of electricity generation which involves burning of fossil fuels, solar panels are a great way to produce electricity. They absorb infrared rays and convert it into electrical energy. And this electrical energy is stored in solar panels. The process of electricity generation through solar panels does not create any pollution and is the cleanest method of producing power. And the most obvious benefit of these panels is that solar energy is free of cost. It saves us from using non renewable sources of energy like coal and oil. They also do not increase the risk of global warming. Therefore, it is environment friendly and economical. They can be installed in houses where the initial cost of buying it may be expensive but it saves us from paying our electricity bills for many decades. They can also be used for business purposes. This will reduce usage of fuel during transportation. Nevertheless since nothing is perfect in this world, Solar panels have some disadvantages too. They can’t be used at night and in places which do not get enough heat of the Sun. Rain can also harm some of its parts. Solar panels and its batteries are made up of toxic substances like lead, mercury and sulphuric acid. However science also says that with advancement in technology these disadvantages will also reduce.

Developments in science and technology are many. And many advances that have taken place in the field of science had negative effect on us. Like atom bombs, nuclear bombs, machine guns etc. are used in wars for killing people and destroying property and sometimes even nature. However the real purpose of scientific experiments is to discover and understand the secret of how nature works and how it can help in fulfilling the needs of a modern world. In this respect, solar energy is a great source of power for all living things and scientists have wonderfully used this energy through solar cooker, solar cells, and solar batteries, and solar panels to meet the needs of a changing society. There is no life without the Sun. And solar energy can resolve the issues of limited sources of energy.

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