Solar Power

Solar Panels That Produce Power Anywhere There Is Sunlight

Solar panels for residential use
by DVS1mn

Modern technology makes is possible to take solar panels with you, anywhere that you go. You can buy solar panels that are portable and easy to use. Prices will vary a great deal, depending on your needs. Here are some reasons to consider these handy items.


Many people enjoy outdoor activities like camping, or fishing. However, sometimes, electric power can be a problem. It may be a great deal of trouble and expense to bring a portable generator and extra gasoline along with you. There may also be safety issues with storing gasoline.

There are many selections in portable power to choose from. Some inexpensive models will give you five watts of power or so. This is good to charge small batteries with.

Other models of sixty watts or so will cost between 200 and 300 dollars, usually. They can provide power for laptops and many battery operated items.

Some models are very flexible and can be rolled out onto a smooth surface. They may provide 70 watts of power and can be used with a power inverter to generate 110 volts. Seventy watts of power can power lights, radios, and other important items.

Home Uses

You can purchase home solar panels that can be placed on the roof for best use. Some will easily install and can be used for smaller needs like roof ventilating fans. They are perfect for this type of work, as they will only be needed when the sun is out and shining on the roof.

Things to Look For

Make sure that you buy solar panels that are waterproof. This is very important as they will be outside in the weather. Some times of the year, a rain storm can come up suddenly. You do not want your power supply ruined in this manner.

Make sure that you know your power needs. For example, do you need power to run things or simply keep them charged? It can be very expensive generating power for running very many things.

Back up Battery Option

If you travel much this may be a very good option. You can use power from a battery or series of batteries. The sun powered energy source can keep the battery charged. Your equipment may fit on top of your camper, for example. You can charge your battery as you travel down the road.

Before you buy, check the weight of the equipment. If you want to place it on top of a camper or vehicle, it should be light weight. If you plan to use home solar panels, it may not matter as much.

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