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Solar Panels SIMPLIFIED! The BEST WAY to Install Renogy 100 Watt Off Grid Solar Panels on RV Roof

I’ll show you how I easily installed solar panels on my rv van roof using the Renogy 100 watt compact design solar panels. I had no experience in my life installing solar panels before this, so I wanted to find the easiest way to install solar panels on my rv roof to improve my van life. I hope this video simplifies solar panel installation for you, but please refer to my blog post for more tips, pointers, and ideas for your solar panel installation on your rv or van roof! The blog post on installing solar panels can be found here:

I’ve loved solar systems since I was a little kid. I remember seeing in like a fourth-grade science book that every vehicle in the United States was going to be solar-powered.

That being said, don’t hurt yourself, this equipment can be dangerous so make sure you know what you’re doing and don’t blame me for anything that goes wrong. I took a risk building this system for myself, but here I type, using that system and still alive.

***Solar System Components I’m Using***
Solar Panels:
Charge Controller:
Bluetooth Adapter for Charge Controller:
Pre-Fabricated Battery-to-Battery Cables:
Circuit Breaker:
Inline Fuse:
1m Solar Extension Cable:
20 Foot Solar Cable:
MC4 Connectors:
Solar Entry Gland:
4 gauge wire kit:

***Tools Mentioned in Video***
Hammer Crimp:
Screwdriver set:
Socket Set:
Wire Stripper:
Wire Cutters:
Powerdrill Set:
Pl Max Premium:
VHB Tape:
Gorilla Tape:
Alcohol Wipes:

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***Gear I’m Using To Make Videos***
Camera: Sony ZV 1
Computer: Dell XPS 15
Drone: Mavic Air
Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Mic

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