Solar Power

Solar Panels – Money in ‘da Bank

Ok, here’s why solar panels really are one of the coolest inventions:   They take absolutely free and limitless energy, and make it usable for your home. 

Did you catch the keywords, free and limitless? 

As in, you never pay for it and it never ends?

“Sounds alright to me,”  says Joe Schmoe down the block.

Yes Mr. Schmoe, of course it sounds alright, it is AWESOME!

So Joe Schmoe finally wises up and buys his DIY solar panel kit and within a week, he is paying 50% of what he used to for his energy!  And after a couple additions to his solar panel system, he is getting his energy TOTALLY FREE!  Talk about taking advantage of the that giant ball of fire we call the sun!

And now Joe looks like a pretty smart cat to all his neighbors and friends.

Want to be like Joe?

Making your own solar panels is not nearly as expensive as most people think. It will cost you about $ 100-$ 200 and one or a couple Saturdays of work. And you’re going to start saving money immediately. Who wouldn’t want to cut their monthly energy bill in half? Or even eliminate it completely and live completely “off the grid”!

If you are not an expert or have no experience with building solar panels, you may be interested in using a “how-to” guide. I would definitely recommend using one, it only costs about $ 50 and will save you A TON of time and stress. If you get your hands on one of these, and are able to follow directions, you will have no problem getting your solar panel system installed.  

There are many guides online to choose from, but only two are really good. Their benefits far outweigh the competition and they have money-back guarantees so you don’t have to worry about losing money.  

#1 DIY Green Energy: This guide packs so much content! You get several manuals, covering every single aspect of solar panel making, as well as how to make your own windmill. The manuals are clear, concise and fully illustrated, so you will not get lost in it.  

DIY Green Energy also gives you something really cool – they show you how to build your solar power system for only $ 97. The authors outline exactly how they did it. Every other guide says you will spend $ 200, but you really can do it for half that.  

My favorite part of this guide is the two hours of how-to videos that are included. The videos are great for visual learners like myself; it really helps to have a good example to watch instead of only having the manual to read. No other guide offers as much solid video content.  

#2 Earth 4 Energy: I also recommend Earth 4 Energy because their EBook is very easy to follow, and they also include “how-to” videos, but they only have videos on 3 aspects of DIY solar panels, compared to the 7 that Green DIY Energy includes.  

The author of this article, Zach Lee, is an online DIY product reviewer; he’s the one who separates the valuable DIY guides from the worthless ones that only induce intense anger and frustration.

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