Solar Power

Solar Panels For Homes – Create Your Very Own Residential Solar Energy and Live Off the Grid

The recent excitement about learning how to build your own solar panels and create your very own residential solar energy is neither a fad nor hype. If you care to take a drive along the suburbs you would see sprinkles of houses with panels on their roofs or on their yards. These are smart people, the early adopters of sun power, the oldest from of free renewable energy that gives you power to drive your homes 24 by 7. And many more are joining the bandwagon, with the reality of ever rising utility bills. You might have heard conflicting stories on how expensive these professional systems cost and indeed, despite the increasing number of people considering harnessing sun power, the cost of installation is still hefty to the average household. After all, it is not something that all can afford, pegged around 7,000 to 16,000 dollars. Solar enthusiasts have started sharing their experience of how to build your own solar panels and this has given a new lease of life to the home renewable energy industry.

But before you jump in, you home needs to meet a few criteria. Below is a list for a suitability test.

UV Wavelengths is your Key Source for harnessing residential solar energy. It is a very common misnomer to think that you can only collect sun power when the sun is strong and hot. This is a myth as your solar panels absorb UV wavelengths instead. Obviously they function much better in strong sunlight but on cloudy day, they still work, albeit a little harder.

Your system should be positioned to fully tap the sunlight, so the best place to mount the panels are the most sun facing positions and the most often, it is on your roof. The roof provides a wide and safe area to mount your panels, high and unblocked from trees and other buildings. However, you may also optimize the space in your yard place more panels at your yard and garden, thereby enhancing your system by fully optimising available space.

If your home suits the criteria above, it is time to start your project and build your own solar panels. Getting a good free renewable energy guide is the first step towards success and there are quite a handful of authentic manuals in the market currently. You need to choose the most suitable one based on your needs. Choose on which has clear and concise instruction manuals, directions and suggestions on where to find the parts with good support. If you learn faster visually, get one with step by step videos which literally walk you through each critical stage. This will speed up both your learning process and cut your project time by half.

Knowing how to build your own solar panels is one skill which you will need if you wish to tap on free renewable energy source, save money on your monthly utilities bills and eventually get you off the grid for good.

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