Solar Power

Solar Panels and Grid Tie Inverters Help You Save Money

Today, all of us are aware of benefits of saving energy. I suggest that we should use solar panels with an inverter for the system which could be using alternative energy. Produced by a solar panel, it could in the same way be a wind turbine or generator, however it does need to be 14 to 50 volts.

Saving money in the home means this generated voltage has to be changed to the customary house power level. The power is converted by a device called a grid tie inverter, this modifies the low DC voltage into a higher power AC which is identical to that in the household.

The grid tie inverter is designed so that it does not require special boxes to connect to the mains, but simply needs to be plugged into a wall socket. Connecting to the mains is controlled by the inverter electronics.

All the time the sun shines, the money paid to the power company is replaced by power from the solar panel and grid tie inverter.

Always to be born in mind is safety the electronics in the grid tie inverter will only let current to feed when the house power is on. If the power fails, electricity could be fed backward to the power company endangering the work men. But if the power fails the grid tie automatically disconnects.

The grid ties can be added, together with additional solar panels to boost the power. If no power is being used in the house, if all are away at work, the meter will run backwards, effectively making the power company pay you.

And if you require power at night a wind turbine can be used?

These machines are not costly and the manner they are joined to the home is not dear, making the whole scheme economical. The older system is batteries and an inverter however this costs extra and space needs to be found for the batteries.

I think the grid tie is the most cost effective way to save cash and supply electricity in the household, it may not be a way to replace the power company, but it will save money.


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