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Solar Panels and Green Energy – How to Do it Yourself

Producing reusable green energy might seem a bit daunting and intimidating. However, there are many different tutorials/guides that might very well provide the necessary knowledge to tackle down this type of projects. The two most popular reusable energy producers are sun and wind. Solar energy involves creating solar panes and wind requires to knowledge to build a windmill.

What are solar panels?

Solar panels are devices made up of many different solar cells. Solar cells are smaller objects made up of processed silicon which required strong vacuums and high temperatures to capture the heat from the sun. The benefits of building your own solar panels are HUGE. To build a couple of panels, will probably a couple of hundreds dollars. However, the reward will be much larger than the invested amount.

How do you build solar panels to save electricity?

A simple solar cell/panel can be produced from materials found at any local hardware store. The most common material is copper. When heating at high temperatures (produced by sun light and heat), copper becomes a semiconductor and with the help of water and salt, can become an effective energy producer.

What is a windmill or wind machine?

Windmill is a device created to slow down the wind and produce energy. It consists of multiple blades that rotate in a circular motion as the wind passes through. Its blades collect energy because the windmill blades slow the wind speed and produces friction in the blades.

The blades are then attached to a multiple driveshaft which power electrical generator/s which in turn produces electricity. There are two types of wind machines or windmills Horizontal Axis and Vertical Axis.

Horizontal Axis

Modern wind machines are built around a horizontal axis. This type of machines has blades just like airplane propellers. A curious fact a horizontal axis windmill is that the largest contains blades larger than a football field.

Vertical Axis

This type of windmills makes up only a very small percentage of the currently in use today. The blades go from top to bottom and look like a large egg beater.

Both of these methods (Sun and Wind) to produce reusable energy have become very popular in our green energy revolution. Many individuals are already saving money on their monthly electrical bill or have completely learned to generate all their energy on their own using wind or sun light.

There are many different tutorials ready to show everyone concerned with our current global warming problem how to develop reusable energy. This is believed to be a very valuable skill to learn because it will provide potential candidates with education for the jobs of tomorrow and at the same time it will save tons of money in electric bills. For more information access the following site Green Energy Nuts and Bolts

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