Solar Power

Solar Panels And Electric Cars – Never Pay For Gas Again

Solar power and an electric auto can free you from purchasing gasoline forever . Just imagine , no more gasoline taxes, no more reliance on foreign oil, and get rid of electricity bills. And the best thing is you are able to assemble your own solar panels and alter your own vehicle to run on electricity!

This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky electric daydream , it’s reality. The technology to create your own solar power is here. The technology to alter your own electric auto is here. All you need is the know-how and a few tools and equipment that are in all probability in your garage already. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about a hybrid auto, we’re speaking about an all-electric automobile that doesn’t use any gasoline.

One disadvantage to an electric automobile is that the energy to run it is commonly generated by a utility corporation that uses natural gas, oil or coal to generate electricity. When you have to purchase electrical power, how will you spend less money and help save the environment? That’s where solar panels come in . You’ll be able to use sunlight to create electricity to run your auto and your whole house to boot. Get off the Grid. Put an end to paying for gas and electricity and be really energy independent.

This is the point where folks often ask, “Isn’t it way too expensive to put in solar panels? And Don’t electric autos cost a lot, too?” That might be true for those who pay someone to install commercial solar panels and for those who go out and invest in a brand new electric automobile. But now it is possible to install DIY solar panels and convert an existing automobile to run on electricity. If you don’t feel like converting the car you drive now to electricity, buy a cheap used car and convert it. A couple of weekends and some work are a fantastic substitute for cash.

You owe it to yourself to look into this exciting concept that can cut your electric bills and your gas bills to zero. Learn how easy an electric car conversion to be, click Electric Car Conversion now for more information about solar power and all electric vehicle conversions.

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