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Solar panel manufacturer SunSpark USA marks strong first year with 150 MW and eyes on 2017

Energized by contracts with leading solar installers on both U.S. coasts, solar module maker SunSpark USA forecasts over 30% growth in its power production for the coming year. That translates into some 200MW of manufacturing capacity, earning the year-old company a spot among the largest solar panel producers in the United States.

Much of SunSpark USA’s initial marketing efforts have focused on Southern California, where the Riverside-based company is based. The region has long been viewed as a renewable energy hot spot, with its favorable climate and public embrace of green technologies driving strong demand for solar across San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

While the company will continue to leverage its competitive advantage stemming from its proximity to the California market, growth in 2017 is forecasted to come from both the northeast U.S. as well as Texas and neighboring Sun Belt states. Cumulatively, those areas are projected to deliver an incremental 50MW gain to SunSpark’s production output for 2017 – aimed at the rooftop residential and commercial markets, as well as government and military installations.

In addition to its company branded mono and poly modules, SunSpark USA offers full-line OEM capabilities for customers selling panels under their own proprietary brands. Power outputs range between 250W-355W, depending on module type, all UL-certified and performance tested through independent labs such as respected San Francisco Bay-area firm DNV-GL. Select mono panels are also eligible for the HERO program.

SunSpark USA operations are housed inside a sprawling 165,000 square-foot facility that once served as a manufacturing plant for amphibious vehicles used in World War II. It opened its doors in the fall of 2015, welcoming Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey and a contingent of civic officials on hand to celebrate the company’s arrival and the job opportunities the plant continues to bring.

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