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Faced with these fakes, solar energy companies should play a loud note fists, but also solar energy market and a stable environment. But more often than not, solar energy companies, consumers, relevant government departments with the three parties can not perfect, resulting in anti-counterfeiting process difficult.

Breakdown of domestic solar energy brand, Huang Ming, Sun Bao, force Norit, the sun the rain, and both are “cottage” too. Covered with bright fake and inferior products coat, blend into the solar market, the delusion fish in troubled waters. For example sun as the solar industry technical leaders Po, excellent quality and good reputation already. Consumers have found the market there, “the Sun Bao Zhong Bao” This solar energy, from packaging design to the mark, is obviously fake. This fake solar, once installed, consumers bought, are both harmful to human health, will lead to endless trouble.

The face of these fakes, solar energy companies should play a loud note fists, but also solar energy market and a stable environment. But the fact is often, solar energy companies, consumers, relevant government departments can not be a perfect match three, resulting in anti-counterfeiting process, difficult.

From the enterprise perspective, cottage products, there is another well-known enterprise performance. If the enterprises do not attach importance to, any of its development in the market may ultimately jeopardize the development of enterprise itself, lead to disastrous consequences. The discovery of counterfeit goods company, they should promptly get in touch with the local business sector, from the source to contain false points, while consumers should be advocacy, has reached the positive publicity.

Counterfeiting process in the enterprise, government and consumers is critical to two factors. In some regions, relevant government departments often ignore solar cottage. The reason is related to local economic revenue, nepotism and so on, even worse, complicity with the cottage manufacturers to increase local taxes or local protection, the main reason to fake brands may cause some difficulty. Can be described as inter-enterprise is difficult to fake, it is necessary to obtain local government support, access to relevant procedures, and Defence areas related to government in liaison work, with the support of government departments in order to fake a better job.

For consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake products and rights will be awareness. Many consumers use the cottage, the holding of psychological trouble, not willing to detailed exploration, but just an opportunity to the cottage manufacturers. Disrupted the market order does not say if the consequences caused by shoddy products, consumers will be both physical and spiritual harm. In other words, consumer rights awareness, the protection of their own to maintain the entire market.

Dealers in fake plays an important role. Dealers found in counterfeit products, part of the selection this factory, part of the selection swallow. Select swallow for three reasons: first, the dealers themselves are disgusted cottage products, because the impact of a direct impact on product, disrupting the local market, but the implementation process in the crackdown, need to combine the local industry and commerce departments of the joint action, costs human and financial resources; The second is the process of counterfeiting, manufacturers and distributors often have been cursed things, often in a passive state dealer; Third, if the cottage manufacturers in the local network have to have some connections, dealers fear of reprisals after crackdown , have concerns.

Solar industry itself is a large place-name Army, in order to straighten out and clean up the market, enterprises must take on certain responsibilities. In the course of corporate propaganda, to make anti-counterfeit labels, such as enterprise LOGO publicity, the church difference between true and false consumer products, increasing consumer awareness of rights protection; more communication and contact with the dealers, keep abreast of end markets, and found counterfeit and inferior goods should be promptly reported to the business sector make the record, active and relevant departments for the joint law enforcement; to the relevant departments to increase the punishment, make more constructive comments, to promote the relevant provisions of the measures introduced, a deterrent against lawless elements.

Short, counterfeiting can not just play a resounding slap, should have dealt heavy blows to the other side completely down without a fight. Solar energy companies should join together, combining forces from various quarters of society, to the cottage manufacturers to the punch, but also solar energy industry, the Pure Land!

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