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Solar Energy QnA EP20 | PWM Losses vs MPPT performance, On Grid VS off Grid Calculation, UTL Gamma+

In this Hindi QNA We talk about wide variety of Solar Energy Topics such as,
How to Calculate On Grid vs Off Grid Solar system? Which is more Beneficial?
What to Do when Battery Amperes are going Up down? Is Slow charging Harmful?

We shall also discuss about Benefits of MPPT vs PWM Solar Inverters with respect to nexus Bifacial Panels, Which Controller Makes More sense?
The QNA will also help you decide between dedicated Solar Charge controller vs Integrated solar PCU.

All questions answered in Good old QNA fashion.
QNA part 20 also focuses on UTL Gamma Plus and how to Attach mix dissimilar Panels. (Dual Controller method)

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Questions Covered-
1. I have 1 kva utl gamma plus @ 45 watt 1 panel 120 watt 5 panel 140 watt 2 panel को parallel मे connect कर ने से कोइ problem तो नहि होगि
2. Sir, क्या मैं utl gamma plus 12v पर 1000w से ऊपर solar panel जोड़ सकते हैं, यदि हाँ तो कितना अधिक
3. Nexus Bifacial MPPT vs PWM Losses
4. House Load calculation On Grid vs Off Grid.
5. Sir best सोलर inverter कोन सा है , 1kw की range me please suggest me I want to install at my house
6. Grid charging Ampere Up down.
7. 80 along with 2kv luminous inverter with 2nos 200ah battery Damaged, Not Giving Backup. Solar PCU vs Dedicated charge Controller explained.
8. 150 AH battery Slow vs Fast Charging.

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