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Solar Energy Powered Water Heater – Types of Heating Systems

Solar energy systems are growing popular as an alternative source of energy due to mounting costs of conventional energy sources. Moreover, burning of fuel based energy hampers environmental balance with excessive carbon dioxide gas emission. Due to this high rise of CO2 emission, we are under grave threat of global warming, consistent temperature rise and sea level rise.

Solar energy systems are being installed on the roof of the home. These rooftop solar panel systems are not noticeable too as these systems consist of a single or multiple thin plates that absorb sun’s rays. As sun’s rays are not limited source unlike fuel sourced energy. Therefore, by mounting these panels on their roof homeowners can reduce dependence on electricity and excessive bills resulting from overuse of electricity. At the same time, solar energy is green and environment friendly and does not lead to greenhouse gas emission. Therefore, they know they are reducing their carbon footprint with lesser impacts on greenhouse effects and global warming.

There are different types of solar energy based heating systems. Usually, a solar heating system is comprised of single or multiple solar collector boxes to collect the sun’s rays plus energy and hot water storage tank. Active solar water heating systems require controls and pumps. There are two types of solar energy sourced water heating systems that are –

1. Passive Solar Water Heating Systems – The passive solar water heating system is the simplest solar water heating system as it is powered by the sun’s energy. The water tank is kept inside a solar energy collector box. Water stored in the tank is incorporated to the solar collector heats. As the hot water is switched on, water comes out of the tank to flow to the home and then more cold water gets into the tank to fill unoccupied space. This water heating system is perfect for homes in milder climates. Also, these heaters serve to heat up swimming pool in summer months in colder climates.

2. Active Solar Water Heating Systems – Active solar water heating systems are inclusive of a water pump that moves cold water to the solar energy collector box that is usually made of small copper tubing. When the water gets heated, the pump moves heated water to a well insulated water storage tank for user.

The sun’s rays fall on the thin plates and they are absorbed to create heat. This heat collected from the sun heats up the water stored in the tube connected to the copper plate. Therefore, these heating systems are convenient to use and are capable of mass water storage of households.

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