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Solar Energy Policy Changes In China’s Huge Welcome Indian Summer – Solar Energy – Heat Pump

As Energy Consumer, China’s energy policy is going through tremendous change, China’s renewable New Energy Business is facing unprecedented development opportunities, Solar Energy Career development has ushered in the spring.

Huge demand for solar power industry seems ready rigid

China has about 350 million families, if the supply of 100 liters per day is 60 degree water, then, the annual needs of 664.3 billion kWh, which is almost half the national annual generating capacity, equivalent to four hundred billion yuan. If the family has used solar energy, then the equivalent of an annual total savings of 4.7 of the Three Gorges power station of total load.

Dramatic increase in energy consumption, Environment Ecological deterioration today, people look for renewable energy and will gradually replace traditional energy industries, this form has never been so strongly desire. Thus, as the basis of various renewable energy sources solar energy attracts more and more attention. According to the National Solar Thermal Utilization

relevant experts in the field of renewable energy, solar thermal use the largest scale industrial production, development and fast. As of the end of 2008, China solar collector total holdings to 123 million square meters, covering about 65 million households, 2.5 million people, equivalent to the power installed capacity of 50 million KW; replace conventional energy in 287 million tons of standard coal, reduce pollution of all kinds emissions 287 million tons.

Since January 1, 2006 shall come into force of the “Renewable Energy Law” provides that: The State encourages units and individuals to install solar energy Hot water system , Solar Heating Heating and cooling systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar energy systems. Subsequently adopted measures to speed up plans to further clarify the new energy and renewable energy development and industrial construction. The correct orientation of national policies and regulations means that a large solar energy industry seems ready.

High temperature trend in the use of solar energy development

Present problems, because of the low energy density of sunlight, direct exposure to vacuum tube solar water heater, eight-degree bend in summer only produce hot water in winter can produce four 50-degree water, so shower water temperature in addition to the family, the hard to find other applications. According to UN statistics, 240 degrees below with the heat of humanity’s total energy consumption 50%, and mainly concentrated in the more than 100 degrees. Therefore, in order for the application of solar light and heat to find a broad market, we must raise the water temperature, solar energy, to achieve its high temperature collectors. Now are mostly low-temperature solar thermal range, in the moderate temperature is still in the reality of a blank stage requires us to study the development of new high efficiency in high-temperature solar collectors.

International, high temperature solar energy utilization technology has entered a new stage of development. The core technology is only Germany, Israel, the United States and a few countries to master. Although the domestic industry has unlimited use of solar energy in the high-temperature broad business outlook, but at present its high cost, the solar industry in China in large scale there are significant technical challenges.

Thus, more and more Chinese solar energy enterprises sights on the West. In 2001, the vast advantages of solar power industry chain Norit New Energy Co., Ltd., the first will be paying attention to master the world’s most advanced solar energy application technology of Germany, the two sides established a joint venture in Shandong power Norit New Energy Co., Ltd..

2005, the power Norit and the German government and the University of Stuttgart, Germany Cooperation To establish the highest standards in line with European ENISO solar testing center, which is the only right Solar water heaters European standards for testing the performance of authority. Since then, it successively with the world’s leading solar industry companies, research institutes to cooperate, and gradually form a technology introduction, digestion and absorption, an independent technology research and development of new technology development path, forming the core competitiveness of enterprises themselves, with high temperature solar thermal tip technology, access to special funds to support the State Development and Reform Commission; has a large area of solar energy in hot water Project Technology; has solar heating, refrigeration technology; high temperature solar thermal technology forefront of the international advanced level. In early 2007, with the guidance in the industry and promote the role, power Norit was “influential brand leaders in the energy sector” award.

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