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Solar Energy – It’s Up to You

If we are not concerned about finding clean renewable energy sources, then we should be. Over the past few years many and varied ideas about renewable energy have been put forward. Probably the most appealing and yet probably the most misunderstood is Solar Energy. When it comes to renewable energy Solar is the biggie. It is what the Earth depends on for ..well everything.

Not many years ago it was still a bit of a mystery to most of us, but then came the solar cell and with the improvements over just the last few years it has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, until now it is not beyond the reach of most households to go Solar and become completely independent for household electricity.

When it comes to solar energy it is the writer’s opinion that the one factor holding it back is Governments inability to see it as the answer. They seem to be looking for a system that they can govern and therefore sell to consumers. I am of the opposite opinion. Solar lends itself to individual implementation and eventually that’s the way it will go. Each household and probably most high-rise buildings will provide their own power. Government and their Instrumentalists will avoid this idea for as long as they can, since there will not be a monetary return to them after installation to the individual building.

Unfortunately there are limitations to completely independent solar energy production. When the sun doesn’t shine nothing works, so some form of backup power is required. This is of course the role that Governments must take up. Imagine if you will 90% of the households in any given situation being converted to solar energy. This would take away from the Electrical supply companies a huge slice of their revenue and when it comes to money, such bodies go wobbly at the knees.

I can see them fighting tooth and nail to retain their control at the expense of course of the rest of us. They would argue that they would be unable to maintain their infrastructure e.g. dirty coal driven power stations and their huge power grids, and as usual the mighty dollar would hold sway over all.

Of course with the roll out of solar energy on an individual household basis, it would ease the necessity for further development in dirty energy production, (coal and nuclear) and therefore a huge reduction in green house gas emissions. This old style of energy production could be maintained at a lesser level. The reduction in demand for electricity from this source would be a small step in the proper direction.

If you are a solar energy advocate then you will have to be satisfied with what you can do on an individual level, for I feel that if you are waiting for the Governments of the world to push this one, then you wait will be a long, long one.

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