Solar Power

Solar energy Israel can be used in various sectors

Among the different countries in this world, Israel is found to be one of the hottest countries among them. The major part of this country is covered by the Negev desert. This country is so hot that it has an energy scarcity. The major natural sources of energy such as oil and petroleum are found scarcely. The scientists fully depend upon the solar energy for various purposes in different sectors. This article is all about solar energy Israel and its usage in various sectors.


There are various functions of solar energy Israel. These are Production of domestic hot water. The most common usage of solar energy Israel is the development of solar water heaters that can be found in every house. The domestic units contain an insulated storage tank of about 150 liter and a 2 square meter flat panel. The panel is used to collect the solar radiation that heats the water. The hot water is then passed into a gravity driven loop for storage purpose. All these systems operate with an annual efficiency of about 50%. Thus these types of system save around 2,000 kilowatt hour of electricity per year. Hence, there is no requirement of electrical back up heating coil to heat the water.


Another main function is Passive solar space heating. The country Israel is no doubt a hot country but the winters are cold. Therefore, this country is an ideal place for passive solar space heating. Passive solar space heating includes designing of houses in such a manner that they remain cool in the winter season and gets automatically heated in the summers by the sunshine. This country possesses short winters hence active solar space heating is not effective. The typical solar houses in the colder parts contain larger windows and the solar houses in the warmer parts require smaller windows. The first passive solar house was made using the sun-dried blocks and became a great success.


Photovoltaic rural lightning is also one of the main functions. During the year 1997, there was not a single manufacturing industry for photovoltaic cells in the country Israel. The PV cells available were too expensive. Both these facts made the scientists to focus more on PV demonstration projects in spite of the ideal climatic conditions of Israel. Now the solar energy is used for lighting the bus stops during the night time.


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