Solar Power

Solar energy is Highly Essential

We have a number of natural sources of energy with us. All these energies are highly important and can serve various purposes. But the fact, due to heavy use of all these sources, an energy drought can occur in the near future. Therefore, all scientists are trying to find out a solution. Solar energy is the best option as it is renewable and inexhaustible.

Some of the major advantages of this form of energy that makes it the most important one from among all other natural sources of energy available are-

Solar energy is highly abundant- This energy is unanimous. There will never be a scarcity of this energy. In winter season also, a moderate amount of this energy is available. That means this is a renewable source of energy that is consistent and will never end. This fact completes the search for a source of energy that is ever lasting. Solar energy is free. We have not to pay anything to get this energy. It is absolutely free. Although a small investment have to be done at the starting but afterwards no body has to pay anything to get the energy. It can satisfy the energy requirements effectively with no expenditures.

Solar energy is highly Cost-effective. As compared to all other natural resources   present, this energy is highly cheap. There is no doubt that the solar photovoltaic is expensive. But due to the advancement in technologies, scientists have made the generation of power from this energy in a very cost-effective manner. The solar hot water panels have been improved in recent years and its cost has highly reduced. The prices of other resources like coal, oil mans gas are increasing day by day but on the other hand, energy derived from sun has become the alternative for all these resources as it is cheaper.

Solar energy is clean. The most important advantage of this energy is that it is absolutely clean. Slowly and gradually it has become the best alternative for fossil fuels and nuclear power that will never be short. Solar power can be captured without making noise. Hence, we can say it does not make any type of noise pollution. Wherever there is sunshine, solar power can be generated. It does not require any special laboratories. In the production of solar power, there is no production of any green house gases, carbon-dioxide and other poisonous gases. Hence, it does not aid air pollution.


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