Solar Power

Solar Energy is an Efficient and Inexpensive Way for Pool Heating

Solar energy
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Solar energy is becoming popular for pool heating as it is taking advantage of the free energy of the sun to maintain a pool temperature .The major advantage of these systems is that because sunshine is free, they have no operating cost. Another plus for environmentally concerned pool owners is that solar energy is renewable and non-polluting. It is a very good solar application.

The systems are simple and relatively inexpensive. Pool systems usually use simple, low cost. It is also known as running water in direct circulation systems through a solar collector is a very practical way to heat water for your pool or hot tub. Benefits: In many areas, especially where there is limited sun, solar pool heating is one of the most practical applications of solar energy. No matter what, your solar pool heater will save on your pool heating costs. In warmer areas, especially, it is inadvisable to heat with gas. Even if you ‘hybridize’ your solar heater with gas, it will still save you money. Using a good pool cover is the most effective thing you can do to save pool heating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar pool heating systems will save you lots of money. Here are some more solar pool heating benefits 1.Reduces greenhouse gases. 2.Saves the use of one-half gallon of water for each kWh of solar energy produced. 3.Saves the release of other emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide or mercury. 4.Makes use of one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources – sunshine 5.Provides customers with options to reduce their electric bills. These days we hear a lot about the damaging effect that burning fossil fuels is having on the environment. Burning fuels releases nitrogen oxides that cause the formation of smog in urban areas. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels can help reduce this smog. Depending on the availability of sunlight and the amount of water usage at your pool, solar pool heating can be a very efficient technology.

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