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Photovoltaic Solar Energy Industry Association, predicted the coming golden age of industry. Pictures from istock under Solar Industry Association’s statistics, even though the economy experienced a recession over the past year, the United States in the project to install solar industry, investment and employment growth are presented.

Residential PV market to double growth, the new solar thermal power plant project together to increase, making the nation’s solar power generation capacity from 351 MW units in 2008 to increase power generation capacity of 481 trillion in 2009 watts, an increase of 37%.

And 2008, compared to the growth of the solar energy industry contributed 36% of income, about 40 million.

40 megawatts of capacity from the network users are also included, but 38% growth in capacity in the grid project 84% lower than 2008 registered growth of capacity.

Comparison view, by the public utilities of 22 MW capacity in 2008 increased to 66 MW by 2009, nearly three times the growth rate.

2009, a total of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars of venture capital money into the solar industry, solar technology, attract venture capital investment than other green technologies.

Solar industry reached 46,000 employees, added 17,000 jobs since 2008 to promote solar PV production growth rate of 7%.

Solar Energy Industry Association expects that, by the end of 2010, the industry and create new job opportunities will be over 60,000.

2009, the California is 220 megawatts of solar generation capacity ranks first in the states, New Jersey and Florida to 57 MW and 36 MW of the first 2,3-position breakdown. Arizona and Colorado to 23 megawatts in the top five.

2009 The addition of 481 megawatts of solar generating unit capacity of the United States ranks first in the world in the area 5, the solar energy industry leader in Germany, its increased capacity to 3,800 megawatts of solar power.

No country in the capacity of solar power comparable with Germany, Germany 2009, total generating capacity of 9,677 MW, this number is almost 21,500 MW of total generating capacity of the world half. Spain with 3,595 megawatts of solar

generation capacity ranks No. 2 in the world, but 2009 is the year of its slow development, only 180 megawatts of new generating capacity.

2,628 megawatts of solar Japan to generation capacity, ahead of the United States, 2,108 MW and 1,158 MW in Italy.

Government will invest 7,887 billion earmarked, including 115 million U.S. dollars for solar technology development, 31 million for state Energy Plan, 27 billion dollars to promote energy efficiency and energy saving as well as 1.6 billion U.S. dollars earmarked for clean renewable energy bonds.

2010 2 month, 182 solar projects was 8,100 million in total funding for solar energy industry development marks a total investment of more than 271 million U.S. dollars. In 30 states, 13 solar systems and 169 solar power projects with the Government’s investment, the total generating capacity of 46.5 megawatts.

Solar Energy Industry Association predicts the golden age of solar photovoltaic industry coming. Large-scale public projects in the booming development, residential and commercial solar rooftop installation also contains explosive force, plans to build power generation projects of more than 6,000 MW capacity. (Editor / ZHENG Chun-Ni)

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