Solar Power

Solar Energy House – Is it Possible to Live Off the Grid?

Solar energy
by compxl

Since we as humans have been taking our energy for granted for such a long time, we were blind to the fact that the energy resources on earth will eventually come to an end. Well its about time to start turning our resource suckers we call homes, into natural energy uses, and call it a Solar Energy House.

Turning your home into a solar energy house doesn’t need to be a stressful time. It really is fairly simple and can be inexpensive to do. Don’t start by pricing all the kits and equipment it takes to join the solar energy homes community. Start by looking at your energy bill. How much energy are you using every month?

The next step to having a solar energy house is to figure out how many solar panels you will need to completely power your home with solar power. This can become a complicated task. I will try to simplify it. There is a large variety of solar panels; one of the most common and cost effective is the 10 watt panel. It puts out 10 watts of energy. Now you need to figure out how many hours of sun do you get in your area on an average day, for me in the northern Kentucky area, it’s around 5, which is a yearly average. I have figured out by looking at my utility bill that I need an average of 810 watts of energy every day to power my home.

So with those figures, and using the 10 watt solar panel to change my home into a solar energy house, I need 81, 10 watt solar panels. Now that may seem like a lot, and it will sound expensive, but if I were to invest in just 10 of these, I could start spending my monthly energy savings on more of these solar panels, and in just a few years, I could completely wipe out my monthly utility bill.

Now when you start shopping for equipment to join in the other solar energy homes, you will find that most solar panels are really quite expensive. Wouldn’t it be cool, and cost effective, if you could build your own panels, and put your system together as you go along?

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