Solar Power

Solar Energy For Homes – 9 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Investment

1) Conservation – Do a complete home energy audit to find out where and how power is used in your household.

Next, start initiating energy conservation measures. Energy conservation is easy to do, saves money, reduces pollution, and helps make going solar much more practical.

2) Use blinds and window coverings – Start using blinds and heavy covers on your windows. It is inexpensive and can reduce your home air conditioning costs.

3) Install solar screens – Install solar screens for living rooms that have direct southern sunlight. The screen will reduce solar radiation substantially. You can use inexpensive replaceable wood or bamboo screen to save cost.

4) Improve the landscaping – Start planting trees around your house. The leaves are a natural way to block the light sun to keep your house cool in the summer. Trees will also make your yard beautiful.

5) Use solar battery charges – You can purchase solar battery charger at the hardware stores. They are cheap and can charge your own batteries instead of buying new ones. A great money saving idea.

6) Solar attic fans – Help your attic to breathe during hot summer days. The solar attic fans will ventilate your attic therefore keeping the rooms beneath it cooler.

7) Intertie your home solar power system – This is a much more complex approach but it does yield excellent benefits. If there are subsidies, rebates or tax breaks for using residential solar energy, make full use of it. Start saving money when you sell surplus energy back to the power companies.

8) Solar water heater – This is one of the best investments you can make for a solar home. Heat up water by using the sun’s energy. It is free and the system will last for a long time.

9) Solar light tubes – Illuminate your rooms without spending money on electricity. Make use of the natural sun light with solar light tubes.

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