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Solar Energy Enterprises Is Not Far Off Fire Sale

solar companies to achieve end-fire Sell , Must have high end sales to solve the system. Of course, the senior effectiveness Marketing Experts from Shanghai teachers that companies engaged in terminal sales to solve the system is not to get a “system” and get a “system”, so this is a “system” is not necessarily how complex and difficult to be confused?? Most important practical Well marked effect. Therefore, the solar energy business aspects can be created from six high end marketing solution system, one aspect of the fiery brand of actual combat.

We all know, all kinds of promotional hype favorite star. Why is this? The reason is that the stars through the hype to promote his or her well-known, popular, together with his or her strength, all his or her company to find more opportunities to cooperate, to money faster. Simply put, that is, the promotion by speculation for more benefits.

For the goods, the same is true of sales of solar products is no exception. First we look at the masses of consumers shopping psychology, in general, most consumers can not judge the quality of goods under the premise of good or bad, tend to buy higher brand awareness products, reason is that high-profile products, quality certainly be better trusted. Solar water heaters Products in this area in particular.

Clearly, solar energy companies and distributors to achieve the booming sales, an appropriate amount of brand promotion is essential. But unfortunately, now more than 90 percent of solar energy companies and distributors failed to conduct proper and efficient brand. Specific performance is, some companies and dealers rarely promote their brands, while some companies and distributors, conducting a number of brand promotion activities, or promoting the quality issue, or promotion of scientific method, or inadequate promotion of the cumulative total and … … words, is the brand promotion, but the result is not satisfactory, cost of wasted.

Then, solar energy companies and dealers how to conduct scientific and effective branding it? Shen school teacher that should comply with the following four principles:

The first is creativity. Many solar dealers Shen teachers to reflect, that is, spend a few million on its own brand, with little success. Why? Often the creative quality and brand promotion is closely related. Therefore, solar energy companies and distributors before making brand promotion, whether by using leaflets, publicity floats, outdoor Advertisement Or other promotional means, first of all to do creative advertising, promotion and publicity of the highlights of the first to get out, so that consumers can see through to understand and come to understand its attractive, it succeeded.

In fact, the idea of the dealer, as it is a problem, after all, most of the solar dealer with limited marketing plan to promote them to come up with good ideas, to ensure the promotion of superior quality, is unrealistic. Therefore, solar energy companies should have more to those in the heart. In fact, solar energy companies can market to dealers to promote the brand in the region to promote the formation of a manual, to creative, design, good control requirements, and then around the dealer for adjustment under this standard, can achieve good results. This is the best of both worlds thing.

Followed by the species. Is the type of branding. Facts have proved that any company or distributor solely by way of a generalization, it is difficult to quickly achieve the promotion of good results. Therefore, the brand promotion to the promotion of integrated approach but it is necessary to strictly control costs, the companies and dealers are hard to bear. This will be the third point of the “cost” in the set.

In fact, there are many ways to promote brands can cost in the end be able to achieve excellent promotional and sales (more from Shanghai Teacher’s marketing article, please search “from Shanghai Sina blog” Click to read the relevant section) effect. Such as advertising leaflets, banners, advertising floats, arches, Electronic Screen advertising, outdoor advertising, wall advertising, etc.. These methods generally do not need to promote how much money, but to improve their creativity, to promote science, the promotion can only achieve significant results. For this, solar energy companies can also be based on the actual situation, the development of a standard, then some adjustments, can achieve the desired objectives.

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