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Solar Energy Companies – How It Stacks Up to Competition

The energy available from the sun is remarkably of a formidable nature. In truth, the sun provides enough solar energy on the Earth in one day to power the entire energy needs of the world for a whole year. This high potential is what makes solar power one of the best clean alternative energy sources.

Unfortunately, however, solar energy companies have not yet been able to push past some of the significant limitations related to harnessing the sun’s energy for power. While there have been exceptional developments, such as the creation of more efficient panel systems and the integration with molten salt technology, solar energy developers are still struggling to find long term and permanent solutions to the constraints of this alternative source of energy.

But people working to bring solar energy into the mainstream do not only need to contend with the problems related to the power source but also with the other alternative sources of energy that may have advantages over solar power.

One such competitor would be the companies invested in nuclear power. Despite some criticisms regarding its safety, nuclear energy remains a preferred option by many to supply electricity needs. As a matter of fact, there are at present 439 nuclear power reactors in operation in 31 countries all over the world. Proponents of nuclear energy contend that it is a sustainable energy source that reduces carbon emissions significantly and that the safety issues are now being addressed through new technology. With this, it may just give solar energy companies a run for their money if there continues to be a lull in the development of solar power.

Another contender is geothermal power. These kinds of power plants have already proven to be very powerful and efficient in extracting renewable energy from the Earth through natural processes. Further, the fact that it can be performed on a small scale–providing heat for one residential unit–or on a very large scale and can generate enough power to fully provide for both makes it a tough competitor in the race to provide a fully commercial and mainstream alternative source of energy in the near future.

Wind power is also another source of energy, which is almost always compared to solar power. The use of wind turbines to supply electricity or mechanical energy is certainly increasing rapidly, doubling every year since 2005. Wind energy companies seem keener to invest on this power source because the construction, maintenance, and transmission costs are relatively cheaper compared to building a solar power plant. Moreover, new technology has allowed for the revamping of the design of wind turbines into something more compact and less of an eye sore; a development that makes the source more appealing to construct and invest in.

Solar energy companies need to keep up with the advancements that other alternative energy companies have achieved. With such a great potential to be the leading and safest power source of the future, it would be such a pity if no solutions were found to overcome the dilemmas related to its use.

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