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Solar Energy Business To The “miscellaneous Troops,” Said No-solar Water Heater, Solar

China’s solar energy industry has never experienced like today can Haohao De rectify the image of the industry, since the solar energy to rural areas has been classified as home appliances to the countryside, winning 92 major enterprises in the rural areas have begun under the ground, “Happy Valley Enclosure “No matter what, today’s solar industry is experiencing the pains of shuffling.

China’s solar energy industry has never experienced the same as today to rectify the image of the industry Haohao Di, since solar energy to rural areas to be classified
Appliances to the countryside
Since winning 92 major companies have begun to villages under the ground, “started taking” No matter what, today’s solar industry is experiencing the pains of shuffling.

Voice within the industry, solar industry is going
Home Appliances
Industry has gone through the road, early in the household appliance industry, the country full production
Machine manufacturers, and now TV manufacturers producing less than 20 solar energy industry, the brand will also continue to increase in concentration. Of course, there hold negative views of the sound, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 6,000 large and small solar brand, but can really advertised brand enterprises are up to no more than 20, a large number of miscellaneous troops flooding the market, in Solar industry growth of 20 years, no-name military license to occupy the market by low-cost, difficult road to the solar industry shuffling heavy. “Miscellaneous troops,” the majority is the number of outstanding solar household electrical appliance enterprises and minority business status of the domestic solar industry, a general.

Successful as this one of solar energy to rural areas, Changzhou City, Sun Bao
Water heater
Tian Hong, general manager of growth that the solar companies should “miscellaneous troops,” said NO! Brand solar energy industry to be effectively enhance the concentration must have “Lucky Sambo”:

A treasures: precious sense?? Do not “winning the countryside” too seriously

Twists and turns solar energy to rural areas and eventually be incorporated into the appliances to the countryside, since then, solar energy is almost into the crazy state of the countryside, thousands of businesses large and small, only 92 won the bid, beating the drums most successful solar companies, “I bid a I bid a “great” Fanjinzhongju “wind, solar and not successful enterprises are to continue their” rural guerrilla warfare, “the saying goes,” Dogs are dogs Road, cats have cat road. “

Changzhou Tian Hong, general manager of solar water heaters by Bao believes that solar energy to rural areas is only a matter of policy, and one bid for one year, we need not be so “crazy”, to be rational view of the “winning the countryside”, must not order “under the Township “and” rural areas “over the the” bid to the countryside “as a sign unconsciously ignore” Solar countryside “to really be concerned about the topic: quality of products and
. People really concerned about is the product of cost and service, successful solar companies in product quality and service should be up and down real skills for those who rely on low quality cheap survival “miscellaneous troops,” no place to seeing them, this is an excellent distinction between solar energy companies in the “miscellaneous troops,” one of the most powerful weapon.

2 Po: feng shui treasure?? On the pretext of home appliance channel lineup rural market

Appliance industry has been relatively mature, standardized, and this is Why solar energy to rural areas into the areas of home appliances to the countryside one of the reasons, no doubt, solar energy to rural areas should learn from the valuable experience of home appliances to the countryside; In addition, the appliance industry to the countryside process established in the township market, the relative sound
Channel solar energy to rural areas should also be clever with the “feng shui treasure land”, home appliances industry in three to four market construction is relatively standard distribution channels, service awareness are more in place, the process of solar energy to rural areas to go home appliance business channel is an indisputable fact, the key is to home appliances and reputable channels to establish healthy business relationship, so that “no-name Army” no place to ground, take root, thereby enhancing the image of the entire solar industry.

Sambo: Brand to treasure?? Brand strength is the channel operators are not “instigation” of the premise of the
General Manager of Hong Tian Bao
by Sun that solar energy industry concentration to effectively enhance and channel providers essential to normal operation, the previous business is difficult to standardize solar energy sources, difficult to manage, the majority of business is to follow the channel profits go, who products to push his return another job which the main product, but the fact is that many small workshop-style solar manufacturers to assemble, so as to cut into the market, so that these channels often sell the brand today, tomorrow, they sold the brand was “instigation” is common, brand loyalty is very low, which also contributed to the overall image of the solar energy industry is one reason poor.

The best use of solar energy manufacturers home appliances to the countryside should be a good policy to brand, Product and hold the center channel operators, channel operators to follow the brand truly influential business go on, which is solar industry to enhance the overall brand concentration must be going through a painful process, but this process it must be a healthy development process.

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