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3 April 2010, held in Jinan, the Third China (Jinan) International Conference and Exhibition on Solar Energy Utilization learned the province in the solar energy and building integrated applications to achieve substantial progress, whether technical or market, solar energy and construction The combination of all into creating the “perfect marriage” of a new era.

Forum held at the meeting, the new Shandong power Norit Energy Deputy General Manager of Literature and Philosophy bright technical idea and solutions, the combination of solar energy and building the distance traveled divided into three times, 1.0 times the owners install a retail self-installation model, while solving the energy consumption problem, but had an impact on the architectural landscape; 2.0, solar manufacturers and real estate began to adapt to each other manufacturers, installation methods have structural innovation; 3.0 times, that is, the implementation of solar energy and building integrated solar energy as an integral part of the building , so that the simultaneous design, simultaneous construction, commissioning and synchronization synchronization later property management.

At the show site, the province almost all industries involved in solar thermal companies have introduced the different characteristics of solar energy and building integrated solutions. Take the most popular solar thermal applications – bath water, we see that the collector will have solar roofs installed, solar wall, solar balcony fence, etc., in terms of function or aesthetics, all strive for and Building a harmonious unity. Tanks are installed in the south split balcony, then through the pre-laying of the pipeline, the water delivered to kitchen, bathroom and other places, owner of the house, once admitted, you can use. Solar heat can also be used to heating and cooling.

Panel displays the contents of many enterprises is done some of the residential area of its success stories, after reporters visited a number of model communities, residents of high recognition, can be said that marketing has made initial success. Zhe Liang Wen admitted the company has been promoting the current building area of 34,000 square meters, 10,000 square meters and pay the first was a “lose everything” in the middle of 10,000 square meters, due to demand from the enterprise perspective view to transforming the “small surplus” , the last year of 14,000 square meters, he played an example – “Solar Energy and Building has been married and have children.”

Addition to the two major solar thermal and photovoltaic power generation use, located in Jinan, Shandong Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. Runyang to showcase a new solar energy in architecture – A light guide illumination. This is a modern architectural lighting the latest technology, and its working principle is captured by solar outdoor lighting installation, and import it within the system, and then through the optical device to enhance and efficient transmission, by the natural light diffusers to even import Indoor. At present, Changqing’s Garden Expo using this technology, the economy in the construction of Beijing West Railway Station, Shandong University Sports will also use the technology.

The use of solar energy materials is shorter than the ordinary building materials, has been promoting solar energy and construction integration process bottlenecks. In this regard, Ltd. Shandong Rainbow Arc after a decade of research and development, capture the solar panels black porcelain ceramic composite technical problems. In the exhibition site, the reporter saw the quality of this ceramic plate type solar collector body, very strong. Currently, the product is in the industrial trial production stage, it is expected to significantly reduce the cost of solar energy utilization, the market prospects are very good.

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