Solar Power

Solar Energy- A Brief History

Nowadays, olar power is quite common. This power is one of the methods of energy which has been using for long time.

There are other technological uses that go back millennia, apart from the fact that the sun provides the proper amount of energy for plants that are used to feed us.

The Greeks were the pioneers of this method of using solar energy for various things that they would use. What they knew how to do was to use the steam power, that was provided by the solar radiation. A large magnifying-type glass was used to set enemy ships on fire, and was designed and built by Archimedes. Much of the Greek science was adopted by the Romans, and this was a method that they used as well.

Over the years there have been many new technologies that have come about that rely on solar energy to operate such as heat storage and thermometers. Since their inception these devices have become more sophisticated and diverse.

Not knowing that it would take another 100 years for devices based on it to become practical, a giant leap occurred in 1839. This giant leap was found by Becquerel who discovered the photovoltaic effect.

Electrons in the atoms will get knocked loose from there associated atoms, when the sunlight hits certain materials. Electrical current generate when electrons are moving within the material. Once the electrons are running through the material can be hooked up to a circuit board and the power that is generated can power light bulbs, or even heat water.

Solar heating has also made big advances.

In order to trap solar energy back in the 1920’s, some public heating systems would use large storage tanks. They would then take the heated water and supply it to the homes. These systems became somewhat obsolete because of the fall in gas and electricity to the point where it was cheaper to use the gas and electricity.

Even though these systems were no longer in use, it didn’t mean that they were forgotten. These systems were a cost effective alternative and at the time it worked.

Solar light can be used in a variety of different ways, hundreds to be more precise. These ways include taking the solar energy at the surface and harnessing it to heat water, power devices or other energy saving needs.

In today’s world there are many uses of satellites to funnel the solar power down to provide what is needed. These panels are very expensive but seeing what they actually do is well worth it. This type of technology is used on the home front powering up your phones or lights along roads and highways.