Wind Energy

Solar Dwarfs Wind

In my previous life, I was probably a chemist or electrical engineer because I’ve been fascinated by energy and electricity in particular.

In this video, I’m going to share with you an article written by Howard Hayden of The Energy Advocate about a wind farm in Wyoming.

Dr. Hayden has surmised for many years that Wind generates about 5kW per acre of land. And we see that he was pretty much spot on when looked at in conjunction to this wind farm going up in the windiest county in the US, Carbon County WY.

So, I thought it would be interesting to compare wind to solar photovoltaic to get an idea of how much electricity an acre of a PV farm would generate.

Using my local area, Atlanta, where we get 180Watts per sq. meter, we can calculate the kWs that an acre would generate. It’s 25 times what the wind farm does. And Atlanta is not close to the sunniest place in the US, whereas the windfarm we’re referring to IS in the windiest place in the US.

Interesting, not?

But let’s throw some gas on the fire A gallon of gasoline generates 34kWh a day, or roughly 1.5kW.

Think about that. That little red bucket of gas contains a LOT of energy. It’s truly amazing actually, and without question, nothing to be ashamed of, but rather grateful for.
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