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Solar Christmas Lights Look Great And Consume Less Energy Too

During Christmas, do you love to light up your home as magnificently as possible, at times even sacrificing some other little detail to channel funds to this cause? Well, you are not alone by any means. In fact, a recent study has revealed that about 47% Americans plan about lighting more than they plan about Christmas gifts! Another 15% actually admitted spending more on lights than on the Christmas tree decorations! However, the true dilemma starts as soon as Christmas is over and the cost of electricity shows up in the bills at the end of the month. Depending on your choice of lighting, the amount that shows up on electricity bills can often be high enough to put creases into anybody’s forehead!

However, that does not mean you have to compromise on lighting this Christmas. All you have to do is switch to more energy efficient lighting systems like solar Christmas lights, and you will be able to light up your home to your heart’s content, and still avoid having to deal with an astronomical electricity bill afterwards. Solar Christmas lights will automatically charge up when exposed to sunlight, and will greatly reduce the overhead on your electrical supply.

Not sure how to use solar Christmas lights in your home? Here are some quick tips to help with that:

1.Solar Christmas lights consisting of LEDs can give brilliant light at only a fraction of the cost of regular lights. Get your hands on a yard dcor like a 3D molded solar penguin or polar bear to make your yard look absolutely fabulous. These sculptures can have as many as 100-150 LEDs on them, and look fabulous after sundown.

2.Have you got some medium sized or big trees in your yard? Wrap energy saving multicolor LED rope lights around the branches. This will provide an inexpensive alternative to regular bulbs, and will also look better.

3.If you have small bushes in your lawn, invest in some solar powered net lights. Wrap these around the bushes and charge them up during the day. Turn these on after sunset to make the bushes look absolutely magical.

4.Solar powered lanterns are simply great for lighting up the gateways and the door to your home. Install as many as you want to welcome your guests in style.

Solar Christmas lights are inexpensive to purchase, and last a long time, which make these excellent investments. Besides, these can be charged up using sunlight alone, making these cost saving items to boot. Get in touch with Mr. Light today, to get all the solar powered Christmas lights and dcor for your home.

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