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SMASHsolar “snap-in” frameless module mount achieves UL 2703 certification

SMASHsolar achieved UL certification and listing in the U.S. and Canada for its SMASHmount PV mounting system, the world’s first Direct Attach solar modules. SMASHmount complied with UL 2703 requirements and certification was granted after extensive testing by UL. Confirmed results show SMASHmount in areas with 120 mph wind loading (ASCE 7-10) and 15 psf ground snow load.

smashsolar-mount-moduleIn addition, the track used was certified under UL 746C to be non-conductive and requiring no grounding equipment. The system received a Class A fire rating under UL 1703, and adhesive mechanical load testing (45 psf negative) validated the adhesive bond between the company’s Chassis and dual-glass modules.

“At SMASHsolar we are committed to delivering the highest value and safety to the consumer,” said CEO and co-founder Troy Tyler. “UL certification is the gold-standard for product safety and reliability. This UL certification shows our commitment to our customers and ground-breaking innovations.”

“The SMASHmount system met all technical requirements listed in UL 2703,” states Jeff Smidt,  Vice President and General Manager, UL Energy and Power Technologies division. “We are pleased to see manufacturers like SMASHsolar proactively meeting the evolving needs for renewable energy systems.”

SMASHmount integrated modules are available for the U.S. and Canadian markets through the Innovator Program, which provides priority access to the integrated modules from Trina and Sunpreme as well as sales and training support.

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