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Since Solar Energy Companies To Accelerate The Market Push Tm To Clean – Solar Water Heater, Solar

National launch Home Appliances TM to Since the pilot, the pilot cities have launched a strong TM to action. According to the unit is estimated, trade-in action will lead to more than one million

Car Consumption, 500 million consumer appliances, stimulating consumer demand, more than 125 billion yuan. However, as

Energy Environmental protection The large Solar water heaters
Were not allowed TM to action this appliance.
In the household appliances industry in full swing in the TM to action, a number of solar companies have initiated TM to action, and achieved good results. If the rural areas reached 20% penetration of solar water heaters will be brought to the industry for more than 120 billion yuan

Sell Amount. Energy by a recent NDRC report said that in 2008 the use of solar water heaters in China and the annual account for more than half of the world, ranking in the world. At present, the solar thermal industry has grown into the largest intellectual property of new energy industry, producing the largest and most widespread popularity of the backbone of the industry.

A result, some solar companies believe that the implementation of TM to the policy of solar water heaters, will greatly stimulate domestic consumer demand, promote the development of the domestic economy to contribute. In addition, solar water heaters as an energy saving product, the implementation of TM to the policy, not only to further cultivate the habit of consumers to use new energy sources. Solar water heaters can also promote the popularization and promotion, the promotion of energy conservation, for the protection of the environment contribute.

Solar water heater in the end or not TM, with the issue, the reporter interviewed a number of actions undertaken TM to solar energy companies. Reporter visited learned some self-organization TM to solar energy companies have achieved the basic operation idea of the effect they expected. In the event has just started, to the store and inquired about the very substantial number of consumers. Most consumers understand the TM to the details of the post, are actively involved in their organization TM to support operations.

Speaking of solar water heater TM to disputes, China Rural Energy Industry Association Professional Committee of the solar thermal head that, after years of development and innovation, solar water heaters in the core technology has made tremendous breakthroughs the birth of a large number of high technology products, such as Beijing Temple of solar energy pipe plum, and domestic manufacturers of a backbone made of solar thermal wall. Action not only through the TM to allow consumers to enjoy the outcome of the latest developments in solar energy industry in line with the interests of consumers, but also effectively eliminate those lagging behind, with potential safety problems of the solar water heater, and then to clean up the market, to promote the healthy and orderly development of the purpose of .

Solar Temple, general manager of Beijing Cheng Cuiying, told reporters that the current holdings of domestic solar water heaters already accounts for 60% of the world total, if the solar TM to carry out operations, domestic consumer demand will be fully released contribute to promoting economic development. At the same time, but also increase consumer awareness of energy conservation is tantamount to a universal knowledge on energy saving and emission reduction actions, thereby accelerating the proportion of China’s new energy so that the whole community to maximize energy use and promote circular economy development.

In addition, Cheng Cuiying also believe that product quality is the solar water heater manufacturers to consumers and community commitment, the domestic manufacturers of solar water heater technology level varies greatly, the quality of the current market will exist or installation problems, practice TM to action, not only help promote high quality products and replace these poor quality products, but also through new products, further implement the company’s commitment to improve the factory’s sale


System, in order to lay the foundation for the industry to achieve healthy development.

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