Solar Power

Silicon – The Center of DIY Solar Energy

Do you love doing DIY (do it yourself) projects? DIY projects at your home can be easy or difficult. You can also do them inside, outside, or around your home. And some DIY projects, such as when creating DIY solar energy, can even benefit the environment. But before you install solar-powered panels in your home, you should first understand the science behind solar energy systems. As with chemical batteries and electrical outlets, solar panels also involve the moving of electrons through a certain circuit.

Furthermore, pure silicon is the element that is involved both with solar panels and the computer explosion in modern times. Thus, it’s important to understand its importance in solar panels. The reason why Silicon in its pure form plays a key role is that it provides an excellent means for electron mobility. In fact, the atoms of pure Silicon also have some features that make them ideal for building diy solar energy panels.

Let’s review some basic science involved with Silicon. Neutral Silicon atoms can only hold four electrons. However, the bands farthest away can hold eight electrons! Thus, when two atoms of Silicon connect, a very strong bond forms. On the other hand, a Silicon atom with eight electrons has a neutral charge. Bonded Silicon atoms can stay linked for years, which results in a large pure piece of Silicon. It’s important to note that it’s this material that companies use to build DIY solar energy plates.

But wait–there’s more! Unfortunately, two pure Silicon plates are incapable of creating electricity in solar panels, due to their neutral charge. So manufacturers add elements with either a positive or negative charge, to Silicon.

So that’s why Silicon has a key role in solar energy panels. Having this knowledge will help you to better appreciate solar panels for your home, after installing them.

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