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Should You Have a Solar Power Home? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Residential Solar Power

An increasing number of people are considering a solar power home as a way to save money, and possibly eliminate their energy bill. If you are thinking about converting your house to solar power, here is a list of major advantages and disadvantages you should consider.


Cost savings. There’s a big cost savings once you’re up and running. Many people cut their power bill by up to 80%. You may even be able to sell electricity to the power company in the sunny season.

Low maintenance. With no moving parts and solar cells that last a lifetime, solar power has very little to maintain. Some people claim that solar panels last a lifetime. That may be an exaggeration. But certainly you can expect decades of use.

A limitless energy source. The sun provides a source of energy limited only by your ability to collect it and convert it into electricity. That can mean saying good-bye to spiking energy bills and dependence on oil and gas for home power.

Being Earth-friendly. Because solar power is an inexhaustible natural resource, you can use as much as you need without depriving neighbors. Your major carbon footprint will come from the creation of the building materials and running your generator.


Installation cost. The cost of creating solar panels is dropping all the time but it can still be significant, especially if you buy from an outside vendor and pay to have it installed. Many people find they can cut costs dramatically with kits that have instructions for building and installing solar panels as do-it-yourself projects.

Being dependent on the sun. Solar panels work on cloudy days but they’re not nearly as efficient. Your solar system will give you the most power when the panels are in the sun, when weather is clear, and when the sunlight is most direct.

Many people recognize great savings creating a solar power home. And kits have come a long way since the 1980s when people installed systems that never paid off. Still, you’ll save most if you do the installation yourself. Some research should help you decide if solar power is for you.

Start with a site that can offer good reviews of systems that teach you to build a solar power home, and other products that make green energy easy.

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