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Shenzhou Photovoltaic Solar Energy Pv Expo Unveiled A Low

2010 2 10, from Hunan Shenzhou photoelectric Energy Limited production of solar power to provide high-color system, the China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo officially run for power generation, which is highly efficient solar color Battery In building the first application, the entire solar power system installation 2800 high color double Bolivian solar modules, installed capacity 250KWp, average power of about 280 000 Internet kWh, annual savings of about 111 tons of standard coal, an average annual reduction row of carbon dioxide (CO2) 241 tons, sulfur dioxide (SO2) 84 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) 4 tons of soot about 74 tons, has a significant energy saving Environmental protection Benefits.

New bird’s eye view of Jiuzhou Qing Yan

China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo, Pudong, Shanghai World Expo will be the core area planning area in order to “Oriental Crown” as its theme the idea of the China Pavilion is a symbol of the Expo Park a permanent building is one of the best new Expo area stadium construction. Museum by the National Museum of China, regional museum, with a total construction area of 160126m2. Basement (partial second floor), on the ground six (core tube 14 layer), building height of 69.9 meters.

China Pavilion Hall roof area is scenic “new Kyushu Qing Yan” landscape. If the picturesque gardens surrounding the traditional solar PV panels in blue or black would be too unpleasant, destruction of landscape effects. The use of solar photovoltaic panels composed of colored camouflage installation of Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Hunan Shenzhou production of “High color double Bolivian component” into BIPV solar power system, red, green and blue Battery Boards around the gardens surrounding it and the color harmony of the landscape and beautify the appearance of the building while ensuring the basic functions of solar power is not only a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications, a classic case, it is solar environment Integration (EIPV)’s a wonderful debut, is the theme of this Expo, “City Better Life” specific deduction. Will come to visit China Pavilion to visit all the guests in the whole process, always be able to see these high color solar modules.

Efficient color generation system installation Expo China Pavilion effect

Hunan Shenzhou Solar Energy Co., Ltd. is established in August 2008 a company engaged in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells, solar modules and photovoltaic power generation system packaging manufacturing, design and installation of high-tech enterprise, the company from the undertaking of China Shanghai World Expo Museum mission to produce high color double Bolivian all solar modules, and complete installation until the normal power generation, power generation, power full compliance with design requirements, the whole process to just three months time, by the China Pavilion project leaders and the community praise, but also to Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Hunan Shenzhou brought a steady stream of client resources, there have been in Shenzhen, Shenyang, France, Brazil and Yemen and other domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss orders for the highly efficient solar power system wide color applications show a bright future faction.

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