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Serc: Organize More Solar Energy Into The Disaster Area

Yushu earthquake, Yushu County, transmission and power generation equipment have been severely damaged, resulting in many counties in Yushu county, and said the network is running full power outage.

5 days later, on April 19 at the State Information Office news conference, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as “SERC”), Gu Junyuan, chief engineer, said: “At present, the affected areas where power supply to meet the medical point of focus settlements and the need for disaster relief site. “

According to Gu Junyuan introduction, Yushu County has three 35-kilovolt transmission line, including two in the earthquake, the damaged length is about 35 km; county 9 of 10 kV lines all, the damaged length is 100 km ; 400-volt distribution line almost all the damage.

In power generation facilities, Yushu County have ancient Zen, West Air, contemporary three hydropower. Affected by the earthquake, West Air, contemporary two power stations with generating capacity has not. Meanwhile, in order to prevent secondary disasters, Yushu County, have all three power plant reservoir Drainage.

Yushu County in the PV power station 19 among the 14 operating normally, three in the outage state before the earthquake, the earthquake caused a severe housing damage, equipment damage can not run, a line fault can not be recovered due to run.

However, as of April 19 morning, the two damaged 35 KV line have been repaired, 9 of 10 kV line with 6 has been repaired. Electricity disaster emergency rescue team reached the scene 1437 people, emergency power generation capacity of more than 5500 kilowatts of total equipment, various power emergency vehicles 189.

Gu Junyuan said on April 19 afternoon will have two 10 kV transmission line can be repaired, then, Yushu basic repair the main power grids.

It is understood that the disaster areas now use the power source there are three: The first is emergency power cars and small generators, the second is a small hydropower station has been fixed, the third is the PV.

At present, the front-line command center and sports center, the central square, where such break points Wuxiang emergency power task, emergency power generation cars still bear; earthquake relief command center, the other where the point, victims and other settlements, rely on small generators meet the power demand.

Gu Junyuan said the emergency vehicles and small power generators, “is effective, relatively fast, does it cost, we also have some impact on the environment.” Next, the electricity sector will be organized more to repair the power grid, more solar energy into the disaster area organization, with more economical and clean energy to replace diesel generators.

As for the restoration and reconstruction of power facilities, Gu Junyuan, the Central owned power enterprises should be based on the characteristics of sparsely populated Yushu Prefecture, on the local power facilities counterpart support; the same time, construction of power grid conditions that do not have a place through the construction of centralized or decentralized solar energy, so that minorities in remote areas can enjoy electricity supply and services.

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