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Self Made Solar Energy Review – Can You Really Make Solar Energy Yourself?

Honest Review of Self Made Solar Energy

As more and more people become aware of the benefits that renewable sources of energy bring, the number of guides on green energy has also increased in recent years. Some are just rip-offs of products that have come before them while others are a complete waste of money. Then there are those that are really worth your time and attention such as Self Made Solar Energy which was created by Alex Roberts. The name of this guide is actually misleading since the guide is not juts about solar energy but also about wind power and how to make wind turbines. Many are interested in using greener energy but the problem is that not everyone knows how to take advantage of them. If you are one of these individuals, then getting Self Made Solar Energy is a good idea.


Incur savings for as much as several thousands of dollars every year from your power bills. (Be able to buy more important items from the money that you will be able to save?)
This product allows you to be a pioneer in your community when it comes to efforts on saving the environment and in stopping global warming.
Provides a very fun and productive weekend activity for the whole family. Also an opportunity for you to teach your kids about the importance of using renewable sources of energy and of saving the environment.
Provides you with the option of freeing yourself completely from the electric grid so you will no longer be affected by rising energy costs.
Power companies will even pay you when you are able to produce more energy than you are consuming.


Kit includes instructions on how to build a portable solar panel as well that can be used for camping trips and even on picnics.
The instructions were formulated with a total beginner in mind this means that almost anyone will be able to understand the concepts and the instructions that can be found in the book.
The system has been tested by many users before it was even put up on sale. This means that you are getting a product that is proven to work.
The kit includes pictures to make it even easier for the instructions to be understood especially for those who are visually inclined.
The kit comes with a money-back guarantee, If after 56 days, you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can return it with a full refund and not questions will be asked. The 56 day period is the one of the longer refund periods that has ever been provided by a green energy guide.


Even with its 56 day money back guarantee and added features, this product still feel like an imitation of some of the more established green energy guides available in the market.  

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