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Save Money With Electrical Power Utilizing Solar Power

Solar energy is probably the most untapped sources of renewable energy available in the ecosystem. Although a solar panel pay for itself with the energy it adds to your house that saves you money, but it is probably the few energy sources used on the globe that is 100 percent renewable and 100 percent pollution free. Unlike energy sources such as coal or nuclear which produce toxic gases and byproducts that are harmful to the environment, solar power leaves zero carbon footprint and no harmful emissions in the act of absorbing sunlight to product electricity.

Solar Panels are made by mounting solar cells on a backing plate. Some panels are rigid and can be roof mounted while others are flexible and can be rolled up and put into a rucksack

Solar Cells are usually made from silica which comes from sand

Solar cells are small semiconductors which produce a small voltage and electric current when light shines on them

Solar Panels are getting cheaper now. With so much pressure from climate change concerns lots of technological effort is going into producing more cheaply.

Solar Panels are also getting more affordable due to central government grants and perhaps local grants too

Solar panels are gaining in efficiency in extreme measures. Wikipedia has it that the first solar cell was only 1% efficient and commercial cells are commonly 20% efficient. Breaking news would be that the latest experimental cells in a laboratory setting are 45% efficient. These cells hold a promise of smaller cheaper panels with even cheaper electric power.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts are also building their own panels. The main skill needed for this sort of D.I.Y. project is soldering. You need this skill because the panels consist of, for example, 24 solar cells hooked up electrically and with leads soldered onto each cell. And in order to connect to your residence electric circuits even a keen D.I.Y. enthusiast would be recommended to call in a qualified electrician experienced in home solar energy to check what they’re doing!

The price of a factory made solar panel varies widely with its size and construction. It will be in the $ 800 to $ 1200 range and the home would need perhaps a dozen of these or more. You can view why the DIY market exists with prices like these!

It’s correct that electric utility companies may buy solar electricity out of your home should you be generating more than you are using but not all utilities do this, so check beforehand if this sounds like one of the goals

A solar survey done by an experienced solar installer will help you and advice on the position and direction of your panels. The panels need to face the sun and in the northern hemisphere they will face South but shade from trees and chimneys may mean that an installation is not practical on that roof. Some people solve that problem by mounting their panels on poles or frames well away from their home.

Solar energy is over a hundred years old and is now developing very fast. It is well worth checking to see if it may help you reduce both your impact on the environment your living costs.

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