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Save Money on Your Energy Expenses in a Weekend – DIY Solar Panels

Would you ever think it was possible to save money on your daily energy needs in as little as one weekend?

Surely how could this be possible, you might even think it is not even true. I was certainly one of those skeptics, an unbeliever that anything like this was a possibility. Not even my father was a believer and he usually puts his trust in just about anything unless he is proven wrong in some way or another.

Today, the ever changing economy, our ever changing incomes from losing jobs, raising house prices, raising food prices is a daily concern. Actually it may even becoming fear in some as to how to save money, where to save money, just how do we lower our monthly expenditures.

Well being one that loves to find solutions to problems and especially finding solution to my families problems is my utmost pleasure, I was presented with a problem from my own father.

The problem my father presented to me was, regarding him and his wife, and with a recent purchase of a farm he was wondering how he could lower his monthly expenses and actually leave some of their money in the bank every month and enjoy some of their retirement.

Like other problems in our family we sit down and take a good look at the issue, and start a brain storming session with everyone involved and see where it goes to from there. During this session over coffee and cake my daughter made a suggestion that maybe we would not have thought of ourselves. She suggested to us, what about Green Energy. Green energy we said, yes dad she replied you know renewable energy. Is that not a wonderful idea or what?

It makes total sense……as each and every month we pay our energy bill without really thinking about ways we can lower or eliminate that bill and my daughter thought of it.

So our next step was to find out more and where else do find out information quickly but the web. My father and I spent a lot of time searching for information on solar, solar panels. How much does a solar system cost, how much can we save each month and how does it pay for itself?

After all that searching we decided to give a small system a try and actually hired a solar panel company to install a small system onto my fathers greenhouse for a little under $ 3500.00 That was a lot of money for my father and his wife, but they made payments on their line of credit over the last year and got that paid off and the panels work well and my father can keep his greenhouse working all year long. Overall though everything is working and working well but my father is not completely happy with how much he had to spend to get this type of system.

Ok, so I asked my father where he would like to go from here, and if he is still interested in solar panels and a solar power system. Dad said yes but he wanted to see if we could find a cheaper less expensive way. So we went back to our searching and back to the internet for more information.

During our many hours of research, trying to find everything we could we came across an advertisement for do it yourself solar panels. Hmmm….sounds interesting! We learned more about that by visiting the website and found out that there are guides available for building solar panels at home. I would of never thought that such a thing was possible and neither did my father but we wanted to know more. We spent the whole afternoon doing research on this diy solar panel subject and found out all kinds of information.

This must be a popular thing to do as there are many solar panel guides available but we found that not all are the same so we made a list of the popular ones and broke it down into certain criteria that we needed from the guides. Our list started at 8 and went to 6 guides. Then we lowered it again from 4 to 2 guides and decided we were going to purchase the last two items we had on our list just to compare them together.

Why did we buy two and not just one, well after comparing their websites and the information we got on them we found that they seemed so similar that the only way to end up with the best was to do that. Each came with a 60 day refund so the purchase was not even an issue for us.

The two solar panel guides we purchased were:
1. Green DIY Energy
2. Earth 4 Energy

After purchasing these two guides we found similarities but we also did find a superior product and it was Green DIY Energy. We spent a few days gathering our materials and then proceeded to build and set up our panels over a weekend. After set-up my father was very happy with the results and so was I.

If you would like to read our complete reviews of the two products please visit our website for our DIY Solar Panel Review. We have researched long and hard on do it yourself solar panels and found only one to receive our opinion of the Top Pick Homemade Solar Panel System out there.

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