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Save Energy With Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

Landscape lighting is fantastic! However, for decades as it has evolved into the art form that it has become, it primarily has been confined to those who had the money to do it. In short, it always has been costly to purchase and put in place, then one had to of course pay for the electricity that it took to power it, and depending on where one lived this alone could be a costly prospect.

So in more recent years the concept of solar powered lights and other small electrical components like water pumps and fans around the outside of a home has caught on in a big way. Now of course that pretty much did away with the power usage problem but then again there was still the issue of buying the solar components, piecing them together then connecting them up.

Through it all though the evolution of outdoor solar lights did lead to a viable off the shelf product and that comes in the form of compact and convenient LED solar fairy lights, lights that come in a string just like classic Christmas lights but with a twist. That is that these lights run off of a small, easy to install solar panel that’s all ready to go. Hang it in a tree on a pole, on a rain gutter and it’s done.

In fact all components in these state of the art lighting systems that come in a selection of sizes are permanently connected. Nothing to connect up of course means that there’s nothing to come apart either, so they can be set up permanently with no problems. Still more to keep in mind is that because these solar fairy lights are low voltage there’s never a problem with shorts, or shocks. That makes them so much safer if you have kids in your home.

String lights like these are great for spiralling up the trunks of trees and this effect at night is stunning. Or, because they come with easy and simple to use clips, you can hook them up around your home on the rain gutters and just leave them off until the holiday season. Also for holiday decorations they’re great for lighting up wire frame lawn decorations like big stars or sleighs.

Then when the season passes, just store the entire creation, lights and all, until the next year. So not only do they save money but self contained solar powered fairly lights save loads of time as well, and this makes a huge difference. The difference being that if decorating lights arent easy and convenient to use, then all too often the end up packed away unused in a garage, attic, or basement.

One last aspect worth making note of is features. Features like a stored electricity monitor that meters power as the battery runs low. What this means, is that in a low battery situation the power output is slowed to help to insure that the lights will remain running through the night. Still yet, other features include a total of 6 lighting modes such as standard blink, full on and synchronized flash.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Ecofreak, an environmentally friendly online shop specialising in energy saving products such as the Solar Security Lights. Visit the website for more details.

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