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Solar energy
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Winter cold challenge at the blooming splendor, February 28, 2009, with the 24th World University Winter Games industry victory in Harbin came to an end, 195 km from Harbin urban power distribution sub-ski, also successfully completed the The Winter alpine ski, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic and freestyle skiing aerials five contests task, although Winter has ended, but the ski field of the 1000 solar street light, and ski patch of light still shines on the beautiful snow and ice in the world, as if still tell wonderful TV drama competitions.

Prior to this, to meet in Harbin, “Winter,” Winter in major venues around the Central Avenue, Gogol Street and other key streets, bridges, residential building in the implementation of lighting lighting engineering, project quantity Over the years the most, to realize energy-saving environmental protection, quantitative engineering is used in 85% of light energy-saving LED light sources. Winter

attending the National Solar lights bidding enterprises in dozens of brands of solar, solar energy company in Hefei Rongshida final first-class product quality, superb construction technology, an exclusive automatic snow removal technology has won one fell swoop, become Winter’s strategic partner, the construction of the national project of solar lighting.

Learned, is the alpine ski area Yabuli, 1374.8 meters above sea level, covered with thick perennial ice and snow, winter, night temperatures are generally around 40 degrees below zero, the general quality solar lights will be at about 20 degrees below zero loss of working capacity. According to experts, in such a harsh natural conditions, to use solar lights, must address the two most difficult to solve difficult problems: First, warm the battery problem, and second, the collector freezing snow removal problems.

Solar energy, according to the chairman of Pan Baochun Rongshida Description: The project’s technical and construction difficulties beyond the imagination, above all, short construction period, in September won the bid, by the end of December before the Labor Exchange, and technical personnel needs day and night construction. Second, the temperature was already Yabuli minus 25 degrees or so. Ice and snow, the construction materials delivered to the hill is almost impossible. In the bid, many companies see the construction of similar difficulty so great, are automatically pulled out, only people overcome Rongshida solar test and ultimately perfect putting them on schedule.

Asked why undertake such a difficult project, the Pan Baochun said: mainly because of a sense of social responsibility of entrepreneurs willing to Winter of international projects that dedicate his own power; then for the Anhui business credit to increase color, Rongshida Solar similar enterprises in the country stand out, to undertake such a project is a full display of corporate power; again to display similar to the solar light of this new Energy Products charm, it is not rain, snow and bad weather, an input can be used continuously 8? 10 years, the economic environment. Through this project, will enhance the consumer solar, photovoltaic product recognition and promote the rapid growth of the industry.

Rongshida fully entered the big brand era of solar energy
Winter solar energy after it has undertaken Rongshida Shahe material base for the Ministry of Construction Project, Shandong Laiwu Hotel, Jiangxi Jingdezhen Park Hotel, Midea Group landmark buildings such as large-scale solar water supply projects, etc. created a customer satisfaction 100% of sales miracle.

In fact, the International Winter successful solar water heating, lighting projects and also signifies a comprehensive open solar solar hot water Rongshida big brand era. Royalstar

internationally famous group called Anhui appliance business card, with a wide range of social recognition and influence. In early 2004, Rongshida Group environmental, health as a starting point, in order to create “extreme health bath” for the idea, set up Hefei Rongshida Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced a whole new generation of high-tech, human solar water heaters.

6 years, Rongshida received fast-growing solar energy company.

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