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Rockpals 250W Solar Generator Battery Power Backup Unboxing Review

As expected none other than quality,packaging from shipping was fantastic! Packed nice and snugly double boxed with foam and air-padding.
Product condition was hands down not what i was expecting either!
Needless to say,superb is an understatement. This LITTLE thing… is quite amazingly powerful! Having compared it to a normal standard sized screw driver,its very tiny in person. However dont let the small form factor throw you off.. having only weighing in around 5.5Lbs and this thing packing what should be a 7S Li-Po battery with lasting discharge capacity of 222Wh/60AH
Plenty enough stable AC power for most household items. Mind you 300W surge! 250W continuous. I have done up yet another unboxing and overview review test video with this product to further see its capabilities and limitations. However havent met any limitations by testing most normal day applications like CFL Lamp lighting up to 80W total,fan(s),and my favorite being even able to power without any problem,my Rockpals 600W LED Grow light! How appropiate!
DC output will always be your best choice to get the longest lasting runtime off this Power supply,noted that using AC does result in a power loss of near 30% due to switching power adapters like AC-DC wall chargers. So using the on board USB charging ports would save you a lot of power! The DC 12V outputs also are great feature and work as UPS lines,each up to what should be 60W. I havent been able to test the full wattage limitations exactly,but i do know they supply close to 15V output which will stabilize down when having a load put on it,closer to the 12V range.
With that being said,i was able to answer some of my own questions about this unit as to be used for solar banking. Noted: i had mentioned about this unit not having an included solar panels charger,i found there was a different unit that used to be sold as a kit with solar charging panels and not this one.
So with a solar panel charger plugged into this unit you CAN use the 12V (60W) outputs while charging the unit either off a solar panel charger or the home AC wall charging brick. While charging however you can Not use the AC outputs! Also USB is limited and doesnt output while charging with solar/DC 15V input from home wall charger.
When received the Rockpals 250W supply the battery was basically fully charged from the start having read at 100% and after plugging in to charge had started back at 80% and then full 100% within 5 minutes. Be sure to check out my review video on here or on my YouTube @ my username for the highest quality possible video review&unboxing for anything else ive missed and failed to mention here!

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