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Review of Earth 4 Energy Product

The product has a guide which included a complete kit of DIY instructions, on how to power your home with renewable energy by building your own wind power generator and building your own solar panel. The product is downloadable and it is written in a simplistic manner that anyone can understand and put it to use immediately.

The solar panels and wind mill are Eco-friendly because it use’s the available wind and the suns energy. It is basically a “How to do project” and is quite an in expensive, less than $ 200 dollars to build. It is geared to helping to reduce your electric bill or eliminate the use of the local power companies. They claim in some cases, the electric company will pay you.

The guide or manual has a simple to follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations that anybody can follow. The solar panel will cost you less than $ 200 to build! Most of the parts can be found around your house or at a hardware store. You can use this system to power up basically any appliance, washing machine, computer, TV’s, and lights in your house. The creator of this program claims the solar panel is portable and you can take it with you camping!

The wind mill power is a great back up, if you experience cloudy days. It would make sense to build a wind generator too as a back up protocol! A few cheap items from your hardware store and a couple of hours can give you a free energy from your very own windmill! The author and creator claims, the windmill can power your house hold appliances and you can make if for less than $ 200. In fact, he claims you can build it for as little as $ 100. He claims by using his secret methods that very few people know about and you can benefit from it.

In fact, he claims that a few of his members have actually built the solar panels and windmills are selling them and making a great profit. He claims when you join, you will get some amazing bonuses, such as –

Bonus #1 – Special parts list with links to everything you need
Bonus #2 – IRS Tax Rebate forms
Bonus #3 – Free updates for life
Bonus #4 – You will receive a 50% discount offer

The package includes a manual and how to get the materials. He also claims this how to do project will save you on your electric bill within a couple of months. By powering your home with a wind mill or solar energy panel, you can put money back into your pocket, which the creator of the manual claims. It’s like a “How to do project” and you can build it yourself.

It is claimed that the solar panel and windmill uses our natural environment. The solar panels use the sun for energy and the generator as a back up and the wind for the wind mill. Both are used to produces the energy for your home. The author claims it will save you on electric bill and money back into your pocket and at the same time protecting our green earth.

The author also claims you can use the solar energy to charge your cell phones, light your house and use on all electrical appliances at a minimal cost. In the research, I came across some individuals who purchased the product, and claimed the manual was easy to follow; the material was easy to fine and easy to build. I found the information interesting and the pictures amazing of the solar panel and wind mill.

Earth 4 Energy provided the information and made the claim that you can save on your electric bill. As an affiliate of Earth 4 Energy, I had access to some the information. It is basically a “How to do project” that you build yourself. You are provided with instructions and additional bonuses.

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