Solar Power

Residential Solar Power – Conserve and Preserve With a Renewable Energy Source

Our dependence on fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – is taking its toll on the environment. The increasing demand and dwindling supply of fossil fuels are driving costs up. Soon we will need to turn to renewable energy sources such as residential solar power to provide electricity to our homes.

When it comes to using the sun’s energy, many individuals do not consider it as an option simply because they think it will be too complicated or too expensive. While that may have been true many years ago, today, residential solar power is within everyone’s reach. In fact, many individuals have successfully designed and built their own solar power system using do-it-yourself guides.

So how do we convert energy from the sun into power  for our homes? Honestly, it is something that is very amazing. Electricity is created by using solar panels that consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells. Photovoltaic means “light electricity.” While this might sound very scientific, don’t let the big words fool you. The PV cells convert energy from the sun into power for your home. This energy is typically enough to power most of your appliances and electronics.

You can build a solar panel to provide residential solar power for as little as two hundred dollars. Chances are that your electric bill is around two hundred dollars each month. A single solar panel, while it won’t power your entire home, can reduce the overall cost of your electric bill every year, making it a viable source of renewable energy for your home.

When switching to solar power for your home, you can cut your electric bill down to as much as eighty five percent (85%). How does that sound for “going green?” Depending on where you live, you might even generate more power than you need. Under these circumstances, you can sell the excess power back to your electric company. Now, instead of paying them, they pay you!

There was a time when no one ever imagined that we could use an abundant and free resource such as the sun to power our homes. Now, it seems as if it is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources around. Thousands of people throughout the world are starting to use residential solar power. It just makes perfect sense to harness the power from the sun and turn it into electricity, don’t you think?

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