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Residential Solar Power – 3 Ideas You Can Use Now and Save

Energy supplies are being used faster than we can replenish and getting more and more expensive by the day. I’m sure we’re a lot alike – our paychecks just don’t go as far as they used to. You can control many of your expenses, but the electricity you use isn’t one of them. So what options do you have? Actually there are many easy residential solar power ideas you can use today. And you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do these projects and how much the savings can add up.

1. Solar Home Lighting

One of the easiest residential solar projects is to replace your outdoor lighting with solar lights. Think about the gas lamp in your front yard or the motion detector  flood light on your house. You can easily convert these to solar lighting as a weekend project and for very little money. If you have accent lighting in your yard or around your house, you can convert these to solar too.

2. Solar Water Heater

Did you know about 30% of your gas or electric bill goes just to heating water for your house? If you use residential solar power instead, that is a substantial savings. Most homes just need a 100 gallon water tank and a few solar panels to cover all of their hot water needs. That being said, you’ll want to keep your current electric connection as back up (just in case you have a string of cloudy days.) In addition to saving on your bill, this project may qualify for current tax rebates.

3. Solar Pool Heater

If you have a swimming pool, you probably spend hundreds of dollars to keep the pool warm enough to swim. Another great residential solar power project is to convert your pool heater. If you’re planning to replace your current pool heater, check out solar heaters. They are cost competitive with regular heaters and will save you more money over the long haul.

These are just a few residential solar power solutions. Another thing you can do if you’re a do-it-yourself project person is to build a solar panel. I was skeptical at first too, but you really can do it! What’s more it will cost you less than $ 200 and almost everything you need is in your local hardware store. To be fair, a single solar panel you build yourself will only power electronics, cell phone chargers and other small energy use items. However, you can build more than one, string them together and power more. And in this day and age every little bit counts.

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