Solar Power

Residential Solar Energy – Benefits of Building Your Own Home Solar Power System

Solar Energy has been in existence since the evolution of the earth, but solar technology has only flourished in the recent 10 years. Sadly, this has become an absolute paradox, considering that sun power is the most extensive free renewable, sustainable energy source since time in memorial. It take a good number of global economic crises and shrinking oil reserves to even hint to us that it is now time to explore new fuel alternatives like creating your own residential solar energy.

The benefits of tapping and using sun power abounds, the key being that it is not only totally free and renewable, it is also the cleanest and most environmentally friendly power source as the conversion process does not emit harmful gases unlike oil processing. And it is convenient to store it for future use.

What used to be exorbitant cost of assembling and installing a home solar power system has now been reduced, yet it is still beyond the means of middle class households, what with a price tag of 20,000 dollars for a full roof installation which would take forever to break even at cost. Many adventurous early adopters have begun to experiment with building their own system. And you too can do that. All that is required is a good manual which walks you through the process in a clear and concise manner on how to build your own solar panels. A good manual comes with specific, well designed diagrams and easy to follow videos leading you step by step so much so that by the time you complete the video, you have completed your project to build your own solar panels. The materials cost a fraction of those commercial versions, at about 200 dollars which you could easily find at your friendly neighbourhood hardware store.

And the best part of having a home solar power system is that you never need to compromise your lifestyle in terms of energy usage, yet allows you to cut your utilities by more than half with a full fledge system

Living off the grid is the dream of liberation for many people who are tired of paying ever escalating energy prices, especially in this dreaded economic downturn. Becoming independent of all these external factors by arming yourself with the life skill of harnessing your own residential solar energy is the first step towards that dream. And of course, the thought of saving more than half on your monthly electricity bills would be fuel enough to spur you on.

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