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Renewable Energy Sources For the Home

Americans and people world wide need to change the way they use and consume energy by taking the available resources now available and creating new avenues of clean and renewable energy. There are just to many problems with the present form of energy production and usage for us to continue down this path of destruction that is facing our planet.

We have several options as home owners, that include the use of wind and solar power and other totally abundant resources. Regarding solar power, it is a key cost-saving technology which enables homeowners to generate their own electricity and sell any excess power back to the power companies through a type of net metering. And renewable energy can boost the local economies and save consumers money.

Also, it is good to know that renewable energy is not subject to the price volatility that plagues the many home owners who are presently stuck on the pollution producing power grids. Many home owners have started to break free by using homemade solar panels and are currently saving on the cost of their utilities. And along with the income savings benefit, renewable energy from solar does not cause any form of pollution.

A lot of people believe that when you factor in the costs that pollution actually causes, such as illnesses resulting from cancer and other diseases, that using clean sources of energy already outweighs the costs we presently in cure using harmful polluting types of energy. And when you consider the increasing costs of fossil fuels and the growing concern over the negative environmental impact of their use, it is imperative that we go forward with good clean renewable energy. This can include not only usage at the home level, but large solar and wind power generating facilities.

We also need to increase the amount of research we now do in searching for alternative forms of energy. There has been a cut in this type of research under the Bush administration. This makes us more energy dependent on other countries for our energy needs and we need to change this as soon as possible. Maybe with the advent of the Obama Administration, this will trend will change and research will discover newer and better ways to harness wind, solar, and geothermal sources of renewable energy. Another futuristic promising power source would be to harness the magnetic forces of the earth that exist between the north and south pole.

Some people think that nuclear power is the answer to counter act energy costs and pollution. But studies by the Massachusetts institute of technology estimate that we would need to build at least 1000 reactors worldwide for nuclear power to make any dent at all on the pollution that are helping to cause global warming. And lets face it, do we really want or need more nuclear reactors in the world? They are dangerous in and of themselves, let alone when you consider their bi-product could be used in the creation of nuclear bombs.

When you consider the fact that nuclear power is used only to generate electricity and that it represents only 16 per cent of the world’s electricity, then you have to conclude that nuclear power cannot deliver in the fight against global warming. Besides electricity itself only accounts for about one third of greenhouse gases existing today.

Given the economic and environmental impacts of the continued use of fossil fuels, it only makes sense that we should go ahead with more research and development of good clean renewable energy sources. We need to take action now to stop negative climate change! And like I said in the beginning, Americans and people world wide need to change their energy consumption practices. We need to reduce our carbon foot print, the result will be more environmentally friendly and economical source of energy for us all.

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