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Renewable Energy “?” Essential Need For Mankind

In order to perform any work energy is required. Be it humans or automated machines, energy is equally important for both of them. Nowadays, the whole world is powered by some different energy sources ranging from petroleum products, electrical energy (be it thermo, atomic, or hydro electricity) solar energy, and wind energy.

However, not all energy sources are permanent. The amount of fossil fuel is limited. Petroleum, coal, or other natural energy sources like LPG or natural gas are limited. At a point of time, we will lose all these resources available on earth, that day will not be less than a disaster. To avoid the humanity from facing such disasters, people need to switch to renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources, as the name suggests is renewable. Popular sources for renewable energy are water, wind and sunlight. They are better and more effective sources of energy as they produce no harmful gases or other polluting agents. That means using renewable sources of energy is a better and environment friendly alternative.

Renewable Energy Why Its Essential?

Importance of renewable energy is well known. There are several factors which make it vital need for mankind. Just think over a simple case:
Nowadays vehicles, heavy machines, air-crafts, and several other essential equipments are powered by petroleum products like petrol, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid petroleum gas (LPG). It is also clear that the petroleum and coal repository is limited and with current pace of consumption, all of them will be consumed in coming 30-40 years. Another problem with fossils fuels is that we cannot produce them. Their formation is lengthy process and it takes thousands of years.

So, the only option we are left with is renewable energy sources. Hydro electricity has been adopted globally as a primary mode of generating electricity. Wind energy is also being used in several countries as an important source of generating energy.

Solar energy is also being used for various purposes. Nowadays, special equipments are being developed which convert solar energy into other types of energy to be used for lighting, heating water or cooking. But still, people are yet to discover the real potential of the renewable energy sources.

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