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Reduce Your Energy Costs With A Solar Attic Fan

There’s no question that energy costs have increased dramatically and are only going to continue to rise. Combined with concerns about greenhouse gases and the environmental damage that is resulting, more homeowners are looking to lower their carbon footprints and save money on energy costs. Heating and cooling are among the most costly home systems with respect to energy usage and now technology has introduced the solar attic fan, an inexpensive and sustainable way to reduce the energy required to keep homes comfortable year-round.

As most are aware, hot air rises over cool air. As the sun warms the roof and walls during the day, this radiant heat builds and becomes trapped in the attic. This trapped attic heat creates an additional load for air conditioning in the home to keep it comfortable. An unventilated attic also creates high moisture conditions that provide an ideal environment for mold, mildew, and bacterial growth that can damage the structure as well a become a health hazard.

A solar powered attic vent provides effective attic ventilation that keeps air circulating, pushing out the hot, trapped air, to significantly lower the temperature in the attic and reduce moisture. The temperature in attics during hot summer months can exceed 150 degrees that passive roof venting does little to lower. This kind of fan is an effective solution to prevent that degree of heat from building. This reduces the load on the air conditioning to lower energy requirements.

During winter months, the fan will draw warmth up into the attic to help insulate the home and reduce the load on the heating system. It also prevents snow and ice from accumulating on the roof with the warmer air inside. In the most temperate conditions, daily chores like cooking and showering result in increased moisture that the this kind of fan will help to dissipate to prevent structural damage.

A solar attic fan is simple to install since it doesn’t require any wiring. There’s no need for an electrician or permits for time and money savings. It operates continuously at no cost since it’s fueled entirely by solar power so it pays for itself within a short time in reduced energy bills. In addition, a quality solar attic vent will provide maintenance-free, cost-free service for 20 – 25 years and may qualify for an energy tax credit, making it an excellent home improvement investment.

A solar attic fan is a great way to begin to create an off-grid home that is comfortable and sustainable and it can be done on even the most limited of budgets. For your bank account and for the environment, a this environmentally friendly addition an investment in the future.

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