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Reduce Energy Costs With Residential Solar Power Generation

The continuously rising costs of energy has residences rethink the way they run their homes and have opened their horizons into tapping renewable sources of energy just like solar power. Residential solar power generation has now become a reality with recent advancements into solar panel development and technologies, which came out with more affordable solar power systems.

Portable solar power kits are now much more readily available and can generate enough electrical energy to power appliances and gadgets. These kits can come in various sizes and shapes and allows for practical usage at homes and for personal use. Residential solar power generation kits are now easier to install and can generate enough electrical power to make it a viable source of alternative energy for use in homes for cooking, heat generation and other uses requiring electricity.

Solar Power and Reducing Your Energy Costs

Energy resources like natural gas, coal and petroleum are slowly dwindling and would eventually run out. This is translated into higher energy costs, which adds more fire to the already boiling economic crisis that the country, and the rest of the world is experiencing. However, with the use of a residential solar power generation system, energy costs would drastically be reduced.

For one thing, the power of the sun is provided free for all and is a renewable and inexhaustible source of natural energy. All a homeowner needs to harness the power of the sun and convert it to useful electrical energy is a residential solar power generation system and this would be the only cost incurred to convert solar energy to electrical power.

After this system is put in place, the homeowner could have a renewable source of power without the recurring costs that current utilizes will incur. In some cases, the electrical power generated by the residential solar power generation system is enough to cause electrical meters to turn the opposite way, meaning you are actually sending electrical power back to the utility company.

The Types of Residential Solar Power Generation

There are basically two types of solar-powered energy systems that can provide practical use for homes and residences. The first type involved is the photovoltaic system wherein solar panels are directly converting solar power into electrical energy, which can be used instantaneously. Excess electrical power that is not consumed is stored in battery systems, which can be used later during the night when the sun is down.

The other type of solar-power energy system involves capturing the radiant heat of the sun and using this radiant energy for water and air heating purposes inside the home using a closed-loop or an open-loop system. An open loop system directly heats the water with the solar heating device; however, there is a chance for the water to freeze during the cold season. The closed loop system has the liquid enclosed in a piping system, which transfers the generated heat to the water supply line using heat exchangers.

Further advancements in solar power technologies can improve the residential solar power generation systems much more significantly and this will drastically change the way the world uses energy sources and harness a clean and renewable source of energy coming from the sun.

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