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Republic will soon usher in six-year-old birthday, when the country to celebrate when we can not forget there have been some places, for the Republic of the brilliant, quietly paid a heavy price. Jilin Liaoyuan is one of them, born of the city because of coal, coal mining has been there for centuries. Fifties and sixties of last century, once Liaoyuan Coal production accounts for a significant share of the country. However, with the depletion of coal resources, Liaoyuan economy in the last 10 years into a downturn, there is no coal Liaoyuan can survive it? Take a look.

Depletion of coal resources Moderator: “The letter of abandoned wells is called a pit and Thailand, which was built in the thirties of last century, after more than 70 years after the excavation, due to the depletion of resources, in 2000 when it shut down completely , and also in 2000, Liao Liaoyuan Coal Mining Group in the remaining eight wells region has four similar wells shut down completely, which also makes the Liaoning Coal Group faces an unprecedented crisis, at the same time, Liaoyuan City’s economic development is also facing a great difficulty. ” The first coal mining area

Liaoyuan Coal Mining Industry Output Combination: “no savings, then, that is to borrow money, time TV No, that is Home Appliances It did not. “

Output Combination 56, father was a mining engineering, he was born and grew up in Liaoyuan Mining Bureau, 19 years old when he became a mining industry, it can be said through his entire life in the mine, and In the last century, when the day is his most difficult period of time.

Output Combination: “very difficult, difficult times very difficult, in moderation it.”
Jilin Province is a typical resource-based cities, because of the mine development, and eventually with the construction of Liaoyuan city, but in recent years along with the development of coal resources and close to exhaustion, Liaoyuan Mining Bureau and Many, like the National Bureau of Mines, suffered a disaster in the last century, two major state-owned coal mines in 2000, when the bankrupt.

Liaoyuan Mining Co. chairman Fang Guixiang: “We were difficult to what extent, workers can not normally open to open capital financing, arrears of wages for workers 200 000 000 2 thousand dollars, (default) 18 months.”

Liaoyuan City’s economic development and long-term reliance on coal mining enterprises, accounting for more than 50% of total economic output, a dominant industry in the industrial pattern making Liaoyuan City, has experienced an unprecedented impact.

Party Secretary of CPC Jilin Ma Ming: “Liaoyuan local economy as a coal dominate, we have been a great influence and impact, outstanding performance is difficult to maintain our total economy.”

Choice —- Liaoyuan city in transition
As China’s earliest Energy Base, 50 years ago Liaoyuan coal production accounted for 4% of the country, nearly a hundred years after mining, where only 8 million tons of coal. Workers to employment, income, Ecological Environment And so a range of social issues, but also because of depletion of coal resources and gradually prominent. In 2005, Liaoyuan has been confirmed as the first batch of the State Council, resource-based economies of cities cities. The pilot can change the Liaoyuan destiny? Liaoyuan first set our sights beyond the coal fields.

Party Secretary of CPC Jilin Ma Ming: “must be the transformation of economic development in Liaoyuan, find a new path of sustainable development, the only way is to continue to develop alternative industries to coal from a single large, becomes We are one of them a branch of the secondary industry. “

Urban transformation in the first place from the mine itself, established in 2005 restructured Liaoyuan Mining Co., Ltd., adhere to the principle of big non-coal industry, focusing on development of the company’s former subsidiary, to build a new industrial chain.

Liaoyuan Mining Co., Ltd. Chairman Fang Guixiang: “This year’s output of 40 million, non-coal industry could account for 10 billion, accounting for 25%.”

As the first batch of 12 resource-exhausted cities with economies in transition pilot, Liaoyuan also try to work their own transformation, high-tech materials, a key breakthrough in the field.

Aluminum Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Renxia: “aimed at the world body more advanced material item, that time China did not, one kilometer high-speed rail not a car made of aluminum alloy In that time four years ahead of the introduction of large-scale equipment, when the equipment we put into production after the ushering in of China’s demand. “

Midas is a manufacturer of track profiles of companies, specializing in the production of new aluminum products, business development is in sync with the transformation of Liaoyuan City, along with the recent national high-speed Rail The rapid development of today’s domestic market share reached 80%.

Zhang Renxia: “Now the task of production in 2011 has been all booked.”
Traditional industries Textile Socks Socks pilot — Northeast Park set up the day from the beginning, in a breakthrough business model.

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