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Process of the Solar Panels for Homes Installation

Solar panels for residential use
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There is already a growing number of the families who prefer to use the energy that comes from the sun because of the numerous benefits it provides. If you have already seen it for yourself basing from the experience of your neighbors, there are several ways on how you will be able to have solar panels for homes.

Through the internet, you can look for a guide that shows the step by step procedures of the installation. It is also the best place where you can shop for the cheapest tools and materials you need to successfully install the solar panels to your roof. To give you a background on how easy is the entire process, this article will mention it.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is prepare all the materials you need such as plywood, handheld drill, circular saw, caulk and screws, paint, glue and copper wire. To identify the measurements and placements of the solar cells, you need to draw a grid on the plywood.  Using the circular saw, you need to cut the plywood in accordance with their grid sizes. You also need to cut the wood according to their correct lengths for the panel frame. With the use of the caulk and screws, you can already attach the wood edges to the plywood.

Shielding the wooden structure from the elements is very important so to maintain it, you have to paint it. Next, you need to solder the tabs for the series of the solar cells to be formed. In doing this step, you need to be very careful because the tabs can easily be broken.

Then, the solar cells can already be attached to the base of the panel and the copper wire can already be put together.

Lastly, the plexiglass located on top of the panel can already be secured.





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